Best quotes from the Teen Wolf season 3 premiere, “Tattoo.”

“Remember what I said before?”

– Motorcycle Girl

Isaac: “Hold on?
Motorcyle Girl: “Hold on!” 

“I thought I told you to hold on.”

– Motorcycle Girl  

“And seriously, an American werewolf in London? Like, that’s not gonna be a disaster.”

– Lydia 

“Can we just drive please, Stiles?”

– Scott

Stiles: “Scott, it’s a red light.” 

“Will you go? Just go!”

– Allison

Lydia: “But the light.” 

“They stopped too. Why would they stop?”

– Allison

Lydia: “It’s Stiles and Scott. Do you really wanna try applying logic to those two?” 

“Not Hale. McCall. Scott McCall.”

– Motorcycle Girl 

“Ephermeral. Lasting for a short time. Transient. Momentary.”

Scott: “Ephermeral.” 

“I’m not gonna beg you.”

– Sheriff Stilinski

Stiles: “Okay, good. I’m impervious to your influence anyway.”
Sheriff Stilinski: “Would you consider a bribe?”
Stiles: “You couldn’t meet my price.”
Sheriff Stilinski: “Extortion?”
Stiles: “You got nothing on me.”
Sheriff Stilinski: “Yeah.”
Stiles: “Dad, what are you doing. Dad, what are you doing? Aah…” 

“Allison, I love you. So, if you need to do that thing where we talk about me and pretend like we’re not actually talking about you, it’s totally fine. But, I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a distraction.”

– Lydia 

“Do you have any other emergency werewolf contacts?”

– Melissa 

“Resolutions are only good if you stick with them, Scott.”

– Miss Blake

 Scott: “I will. I promise it won’t be ephemeral.” 

“Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

– Derek 

“Mr. Argent, you wouldn’t have any insight into this, would you?”

– Sheriff Stilinski

Mr. Argent: “Me?”
Sheriff Stilinski: “Yeah. All this bizarre animal behavior, it’s — you must have seen something like this before, right?”
Mr. Argent: “I’m not sure why I would or why you would think I would.”
Sheriff Stilinski: “I’m sorry. I-I could’ve sworn I overheard my son talking about how you were an experienced hunter.”
Mr. Argent: “Ah, right. Well, not anymore.” 

“Goin’ four months later, it still hurts. It still feels like a, uh–“

– Scott

Stiles: “Like an open wound.”
Scott: “Yeah.” 

“I kind of needed something permanent. Everything that’s happened to us –everything just changes so fast. Everything’s so, uh … ephemeral.”

– Scott

Stiles: “Studying for the PSATs?”
Scott: “Yep.”
Stiles: “Nice.” 

“How do you deal with an Alpha Pack?”

– Scott

Derek: “With all the help I can get.” 

“Where is she? Where is the girl?”

– Isaac

Derek: “What girl?”