As the premiere date of True Blood‘s sixth season draws closer, you may find yourself wondering what the heck else could happen to these characters? It’s getting to a 24-esk realm, where you think, seriously, how many bad days can Jack Bauer have? So just to catch you up on all the ridiculousness that has transpired during the first five wonderful seasons, we’re recapping the astounding journeys taken by nine main characters in a series called True Blood: Beginnings.We’ve already done Alcide Hourveaux, Jessica Hamby, Lafayette Reynolds, Tara Thornton, Eric Northman, Jason Stackhouse and Sam Merlotte. Next up is Bill Compton.

Bill and Sookie are obviously the show’s two main characters, and they’re pretty much involved in everything. And let’s be honest, these profiles are long enough as it is. So in order to things as manageable as possible (I have 29 pages of notes on Bill, many more on Sookie), I’ll be stripping out a lot of the details that I included for the others. Or at least I’ll try. Here’s Bill’s path from out-of-the-casket vampire to Bilith.

Merlotte’s First Vampire

With the invention of Tru Blood, vampires no longer need to feed off humans, so Bill Compton wanders into Merlotte’s and orders a glass of wine. The Rattrays silver him outside to drain him, but Sookie saves him. They attack her the next day, Bill comes to the rescue and gives Sookie his blood, bonding them. He kills the Rattrays, speaks at Gran’s Civil War group meeting (He was turned in 1865 when he was 30), takes a walk with Sookie, lies and says he’s only ever accidentally killed people, unsuccessfully tries to glamour her (at her request), kisses her and asks if he can call on her again. 

Sookie goes to Bill’s house, were several vampires and fangbangers are gathered. They try to bite her, but Bill roars “She is mine!” before breaking fangbanger Jerry’s arm because he attacked Sookie (because she told everyone he has Hep D). She says they shouldn’t see each other anymore, because he keeps putting her in danger. He doesn’t like that idea.

Fantgasia and Creation

Jason is being blamed for several murders, so Sookie asks Bill’s help tracking down the real killer. He takes her to Fangtasia, where Eric is intrigued by her. They get pulled over on the way home, and Bill glamours the cop. He and Sookie fight over her fears that under normal circumstances, Bill would’ve killed the cop. He admits he would’ve fed off him, then agrees not to call on her anymore.

He flashes back to being created by Lorena, who let him see his family one last time. 

Dead Grandmothers Make Me Horny

Bill senses it when Sookie finds Gran’s dead body, and he comforts her (and attacks Sam). After the funeral, they have sex for the first time and Sookie tells Bill to bite her. He obliges. He then kills Uncle Bartlett for molesting Sookie and dumps the body in a river. 

He stops three vampires who are menacing patrons at Merlotte’s, then goes off with them, leaving Sookie heartbroken. She brings flowers to Bill’s grave and cries, and he appears out of nowhere and they have sex in the dirt. 

Longshadow and Jessica

Eric needs Sookie to help him identify an employee who is stealing from Fantasia, and bartender Longshadow attacks after he is outed. Bill stakes him with a beer tap. 

The punishment for killing a vampire in front of a human is usually five years silvered inside a coffin, but the Magister instead sentences Bill to create a new vampire. Against his wishes, Bill turns Jessica Hamby, a youth-group type who was out at her first party, and becomes a maker. But she’s whiny and petulant, and he pawns her off on Eric. 

Back to Bon Temps

Bill bursts in to Sookie’s house and finds her making out with Sam. He attacks, but she breaks it up, yelling at Bill for leaving her with no promise of return while a killer is on the loose and then fighting the man he asked to protect her. She rescinds his invitation, and he flies out of the house. 

Later, he is awakened from his daytime slumber feeling Sookie in distress. He rushes to save her from Rene, burning his flesh in the process. 


After she kills Rene with a shovel, she and Sam bury a badly injured Bill in the ground. He wakes up and feeds to heal faster, then makes up with Sookie, as she is honored he was willing to sacrifice himself to save her. 

Jessica, Uncle Barlett and Godric

Jessica is sent back to Bill for being out of control, and her impatient ways put Bill and Sookie’s relationship to the test. Sook is also pissed when he admits he killed Uncle Bartlett, but he apologizes and they make passionate love. Sookie urges him to go easier on Jessica, so he reluctantly buys her new clothes. 


After Jessica convinces Sookie to take her to her parents’ house and attacks her father, Bill has to glamour the family and clean up Sookie’s mess. They argue on the car ride home, she storms out of the car and is attacked by a mysterious clawed creature with the head of a bull and the body of a human. Of course she is. 

Bill rushes her to Eric for help, and a goblin woman named Dr. Ludwig is able to save her. Sookie drinks Bill’s blood to heal, then agrees to travel to Dallas with Eric to find Godric in exchange for Lafayette’s release. Bill and Sookie walk in on Jessica making out with Hoyt, then agree to bring her to Dallas with them so they can keep an eye on her.

The Fellowship of the Sun

A limo driver following orders from the Fellowship of the Sun cult attempt to abduct Sookie, but Bill thwarts it and glamours the driver for details. They check in to a lavish hotel for vampires, and Bill disapproves of a plan to have Sookie and Hugo infiltrate the cult. 

With Sookie gone, Eric brings Lorena in to drive Bill and Sookie apart. And when Sookie is captured and in danger, Lorena overpowers Bill and refuses to let him leave. 

Bill flashes back to the 1920s and 1930s, when he and Lorena killed, killed and killed just for fun. Tired of murdering innocents, he asked to be released from her, even though she said he could overcome his conscience. She granted his release after he threatened to stake himself. 

Bill finally turns the tables on Lorena, incapacitating her and rushing to the Fellowship of the Sun with Jason. The two of them save Eric from being sacrificed and rescue Sookie. Godric stops the vampires from killing everyone, and Jason apologizes to Bill for his previous anti-vampire bigotry. 

Done in Dallas

Sookie is pissed Bill didn’t help sooner when she was in trouble, and Lorena starts to harass her and then turns violent. Godric stops her from harming Sookie and orders Bill to remove her from his nest. She pleads her love to Bill, but he rejects her.

After Luke blows himself up in a suicide attack, Eric convinces Sookie he needs to drink her blood to heal himself. This enrages Bill, because he specifically asked Eric to leave her alone, and now she’s going to have sex dreams about him, so he punches Eric in the mouth. 

Eric is too despondent about Godric’s decision to meet the sun that he does not care, and Sookie tells him she has to be on the roof when Godric goes (because she’s the only non-vampire). Bill admires her tender heart.

Chaos in Bon Temps

The group returns to Louisiana to find the townsfolk under the control of Maryann, who is living at Sookie’s house with Tara and Eggs. Maryann attacks Sookie and Bill bites her, but her blood is toxic to him. Sookie hits Maryann with a blast of light, and she and Bill flee to Lafayette’s, where they find an entranced Tara. 

They use a combination of glamouring and telepathy to break the spell, and they learn that Maryann is an immortal Maenad. Bill seeks the advice of Vampire Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne Leclerq, who makes him spend the whole day lounging around with her before telling him Maryann is waiting for her god to come for her. She can only meet her true death when she believes she is sacrificing herself for him. 

Teaming Up with Sam

Bill pays Sam a visit, orders him to come to Maryann’s and asks for his trust. He offers Sam to Maryann in exchange for Sookie, and Eggs stabs him in the chest. But Sam doesn’t die, because Bill gives him his blood, and he shifts into a bull that Maryann thinks is her god. Sam kills her and rips out her heart. Bill thanks him and comforts Sookie.

What the? Really?

Bill takes Sookie out for a fancy dinner and proposes to her. She steps away for a minute to compose herself, and when she returns, Bill is gone and the place is ransacked. He has been kidnapped by Vampire King of Mississippi Russell Edgington and his band of V-addicted werewolves. 

Russell offers Bill a sheriff job in exchange for help marrying Queen Sophie to expand his territory, or he’ll let Lorena kill Sookie. Bill flashes back to the last time he saw his wife, three years after he was turned. His son had died of smallpox, and he had to glamour his wife after she freaked upon seeing his blood tears. 


Bill agrees to Russell’s plan after a failed attempt to kidnap Sookie. swears he will never love Lorena, then violently bangs her and twists her head 180 degrees mid-coitus.

Worst Breakup Ever

Bill calls Sookie and breaks up with her, saying he just had sex with Lorena. Russell assures him he will be done with Lorena once he takes over Sophie-Anne’s territory, so Bill tells him Sophie is selling V through Eric. Russell is delighted, and they all feast on a stripper inside a limo. 

Eric shows up at the mansion and confronts Bill, who says “Sookie is no longer mine” and denies keeping a file on the Stackhouse family genealogy for the queen. Werewolf Coot pays Bill a visit to say Sookie is having sex with Alcide, which enrages Bill to the point where he’s able to overpower Coot and his guard and escape. He goes right to Sookie and tells her she’s in danger, but Russell and crew immediately capture them both and take them back to the mansion. Bill is sent to the slave quarters to be killed by Lorena.

Escape from Mississippi

Tara gets all hopped up on V, bashes Franklin with a mace and frees Sookie. They fight their way out, but Sookie insists on going back for Bill. She finds him barely alive and being tortured by a sobbing Lorena. 

Sookie is about to free him when Lorena attacks her, and the distraction of her unusually delicious blood allows Bill to use his last bit of energy to throw his silver chains around Lorena. Sookie stakes her, and Alcide and Tara help wrap Bill for daytime transport.

In the back of Alcide’s van, Bill attacks Sookie and nearly drains all of her blood. Tara kicks him into the sunlight, where he just smokes a bit instead of bursting into flames. At the hospital, he gives Sookie his blood to heal her (They’re just trading it back and forth at this point), and they make peace with the fact that they’ll never have a normal relationship. He pledges his eternal love for her and goes home.

Reconnecting with Jessica

Bill releases Jessica as her maker and kicks her out, saying he can’t look after her or protect her because he’s no good, but she sobs and he comforts her. Instead of lashing out further, he teaches her how to fight and do other vampy things while they talk about their failed relationships.

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Bill and Jessica come to Sookie’s aid when she is attacked by werewolves, and Russell kicks the crap out of him until Eric stakes Talbot and Russell cries and flees. Sookie fights off wolf Debbie, Bill apologizes, Sookie says she loves him and they have wild makeup sex and get back together. 

Sookie confronts him about having a file on her, and he says he was trying to figure out why Eric has shown such an interest in her. He has a dream-state encounter with Claudine, who tells him Sookie is a faerie. 


He breaks the news to Sookie, as well as the fact that the fae were nearly eradicated by vampires, who find faerie blood intoxicating. He assures her that he loves her and isn’t with her just for her blood.

Stopping Russell

Eric tells Bill he knows that Sookie is a faerie and asks if her blood makes daywalking possible, and Bill downplays the effects as being temporary. Still, Eric abducts her as part of his plan to stop Russell. Bill storms into Fangtasia demanding to know where Sookie is, but Pam sprays him with silver and they fight. Sookie gets free and helps bind Pam, but Eric and Russell capture them as they flee. 

Russell isn’t buying Eric’s claims that Sookie is a faerie and that her blood will allow him to walk in the sun, so he tells Eric to go first. Bill is chained up while Eric and Russell drink from Sookie, and once outside, Eric handcuffs himself to Russell as they slowly begin to burn. 

Sookie saves Eric, who demands they spare Russell’s life, at Godric’s request. Instead, Bill and Eric bury him in concrete at one of Alcide’s construction sites. As the cement pours over Russell, Bill silvers Eric and tosses him into another pit, burying him as well. He uses Eric’s phone to make a call and orders a hit on Pam. 

Losing Sookie (Again)

Bill goes to Sookie and tells her he took care of Russell and Eric, because both had tasted her and it wasn’t safe. He plans to kill any vampire who knows that Sookie is a faerie, including the queen, even if it means not being in her life. She’s about to stop him from leaving, but then the door blasts open and a concrete-covered Eric walks in.

He asks Sookie if she knows Bill was initially sent by the queen to find her because of what she is, and that he let the Rattrays beat her up before stepping in so that they could form a bond with his blood. She demands Bill get out and never speak to her again.

I Must Kill … the Queen (Naked Gun Reference Woo Hoo!)

Bill summons Sophie-Anne to his home, telling her he has Sookie, for whom she has waiting centuries to have. But he brought her under false pretenses, and only one of them is leaving the house alive. She reminds him that she is much older and more powerful, but he declares he has nothing left to lose. A fight to the death ensues.


All Hail the King

Bill, now the Vampire King of Louisiana after using a group of humans armed with wooden bullets to beat Sophie-Anne, arrives in joyful disbelief at Sookie’s house after she returns from her 10-minute year in Fairyland. This is good, because everyone thought Bill had killed her. To help her avoid questioning, Bill lies and says that Sookie was on official vampire business, which she goes along with. 

Bill and Eric are also assisting Nan Flanigan, the American Vampire League and the Authority in repairing their image and relationship with humans after the whole Russell debacle, speaking at ribbon-cutting ceremonies and such.

Things are going smoothly, until young witch Katerina Pellham, who is part of Marnie Stonebrook’s coven, reports that the witches have brought a bird back to life. This is troubling, because if the coven learns how to control the dead, it can also control the undead. Bill digests this news by taking Katerina to bed, but he stops things and kicks her out when he feels Sookie’s presence on the grounds.

She tells him Eric bought her house with the intent of owning her, and could he please use his authority to get Eric to stop. He says he’ll try, then flashes back to his first meeting with Nan Flanigan in the early 1980s, when he impresses her by not killing his dinner. 


She asks if he wants in on the mainstreaming movement, and back in the present, Bill is troubled by just how far “in” he’s gotten. 

Eric refuses to relinquish control of Sookie’s house, and King Bill (which is my name, as it would appear in the phone book) orders him to put an end to the coven. Instead, Marnie casts a spell wiping his memory.

Keeping it in the Family

Bill meets Portia Bellefleur, a lawyer in charge of the Bon Temps Chamber of Commerce, who tells him she wants to have a sexual relationship with him, even though he admits he would never love her. This goes on until he meets her grandmother, Caroline Bellefleur, and they trace their family trees back to an intersecting point. Bill is Portia’s great great great great grandfather, and he ends the relationship. Later, she insists upon him the growing acceptance of incest, and he glamours her into running away screaming anytime she sees him. Not really sure what the whole point of this plot line was.

Eric and Pam

Bill questions Pam about Eric’s whereabouts, but she knows nothing. Except now Marnie has cursed her with a spell that makes her face hideously deformed. Nan yells at Bill for making Eric go near wiccans and orders him to fix the situation personally. He threatens to search Sookie’s house in his search for Eric, but she lies and tells Bill he’s not there. 

He has Katerina Pellham capture Marnie, glamours her and discovers she really has no idea how to reverse the spells she has cast, all while her visions of dead Inquisition-era witch Antonia grow in frequency.

Enter Antonia

One of Bill’s sheriffs, Luis, tells a story about a witch named Antonia who made all vampire priests, including his maker, within a 20-miles radius walk into the daylight, where they perished. The sheriffs want to kill Marnie, but the AVL has forbidden any violence. 

Pam is pissed they are sparing the witch who cast a spell on her, and she lets slip about Eric’s memory loss and that he’s at Sookie’s. Bill barges in, interrupting them kissing, and arrests Eric on the grounds of treason. He requests Eric meet the true death, but then decides to let him go because the “new” Eric seems to love Sookie.

Antonia’s spirit possesses Marnie and forces Luis to set her free and kill Katerina in revenge for her betrayal, fulfilling vampire fears that she can control them. Luis shoots Bill with a silver bullet before staking himself and muttering “Resurrection.”

Silver Yourself!

In order to protect themselves from meeting the sun, Bill orders all vampires to bind themselves with silver in their coffins. He visits Sookie and Eric and, despite being able to tell that they’ve slept together, brings chains to keep him alive another day. He and Jessica are silvered at Bill’s house and they discuss their relationships and lingering humanity, or lack there of, while their flesh burns.

Once the spell is cast, Jessica busts through her chains, kills a security guard, ignores Bill’s direct order to free him as well and heads outside, where she is rescued by Jason. Thinking her dead, Bill wails and cries until Jason carries her downstairs. Bill, complimenting Jessica on her strength, says they are indebted to Jason. 


Bill also asks him to overlook the guard’s murder.

You. Me. Cemetery. Midnight.

Bill calls for Antonia/Marnie to meet inside the Bon Temps cemetery at midnight to talk, but an all out brawl erupts, during which Bill stops Pam from killing Tara. He is silvered by witches Holly and Roy and watches incapacitated as Sookie is shot and hauled off by Alcide. Eric is captured. 

After the battle is over, Bill saves Sookie’s life with his blood, but all she cares about is Eric’s safety (Much to Alcide’s chagrin).

The Festival of Tolerance

Bill tells Nan they must cancel it because Eric is missing, but she’s having none of it. The show much go on! Martonia brings Eric and Roy and uses them to draw three vampires into a trap, where she casts the same spell she is using to control Eric. Just as Bill is about to talk, the three bewitched vampires gut the human guards, and Martonia orders the death of King Bill. 

Sookie tries to pull Eric off Bill, and he attacks her, giving Bill a chance to shoot him. Sookie uses her light power to stop the fight, which also restores Eric’s memories. Martonia vanishes. Nan kills one of the three vampires with a pencil.

Ending the Bloodshed with Bloodshed

Having seen Sookie’s power, Nan wants to know what the deal is, but Bill says she is no longer in charge and they are taking out the coven by any means necessary. 

Bill, Jessica, Eric and Pam show up to the Moon Goddess Emporium to find Jason standing outside alone. They’re about to blast the place when Jason tells them Sookie is inside, even though they told her to stay out of it, prompting Bill and Eric to mutter “f***in Sookie” in unision. Jason defends his sister and points out there’s a force field around the place anyway. 

The two remaining bewitched vampires, Kirsch and Duprez, appear outside and attack. Bill stakes Duprez and holds the remains over Kirsch in an attempt to snap her out of it. Bill calls on Martonia to break the spell, and Holly and Sookie persuade her to go outside and talk. 

There, she again orders Kirsch to kill Bill, who destroys her by tossing her into the force field. 

Marnie says she’ll let Sookie go if Bill and Eric kill themselves. They agree, but before they can, Pam shoots a rocket into the shield, causing an explosion that injures Jason. 

Marnie goes back inside and casts a spell that forces the vampires to walk towards the force field. Jason (healed with Jessica’s blood) unsuccessfully tries to hold back Jessica and Bill, and he think-tells Sookie to stop whatever is happening.

She does, Marnie turns on her, Lafayette and Jesus separate Antonia’s spirit, which breaks all of Marnie’s spells. The protection shield drops, the vampires rush inside, Eric rips Roy’s heart out and slurps it like a straw and Bill shoots Marnie in the head. 

Sookie convinces them not to harm any of the other witches who were being kept their against their will, so Eric glamours them on Bill’s orders.

You’d Think it was Over…

But it’s noooott. Marnie’s spirit possesses Lafayette, and he kills Jesus and goes after Bill and Eric. Tara, Sookie and Holly arrive at Bill’s house and find the two vampires chained to a wooden post and burning. The women chant an incantation that makes the spirits rise up from the nearby graveyard, and Gran and Antonia appear and convince spirit Marnie to stop the violence and join them in the afterlife. 

Back at Bill’s

Nan Flanigan arrives and tells Bill and Eric that she quit the AVL and the Vampire Authority, and that they should join her in a mutiny because there is a bounty on their heads anyway. They respond by killing her and her guards.

Marcelus Clark and Ike Applebaum

Bill calls Jessica to let her know he’ll be out of town and she is free to use the house while Eric cleans up Nan’s remains at vampire speed. But before they can make any other moves, Authority agents arrive and capture Bill and Eric in silver nets. They are locked in the trunk of a car driven by Hayes, with Chancellor Nora as a passenger. They use an umbrella to puncture the gas tank and a spark to explode the vehicle. Nora stakes Hayes, and it is revealed that she is Eric’s sister.

Nora was planning on saving them anyway before their “bad ass” stunt, and she calls Authority chief Roman and tells him Bill and Eric are dead. Then Alcide calls and tells them Russell is free again. They meet up with vampire Cat to get their new identities, Marcelus and Ike, when more Authority agents show up, kill everyone else and capture Bill, Eric and Nora.

Respect the Authority

The three prisoners are transported to Authority headquarters, where Salome locks them in private cells. Bill is asked whether he believes in the literal translation of the sacred text and whether vampires were created by god Lilith or humans, and even though he denies being Sanguinista (the anti-mainstreaming movement), he is tortured with liquid silver injected into his veins. 

Roman goes through a list of Bill and Eric’s transgressions and orders they receive the true death, but Bill offers up a trade, their lives for Russell Edgington’s. Russell has become a poster boy for Sanguinistas after his stunt on television, and Roman refuses to see the mainstreaming movement ruined by one ancient pissed-off psycho, so he orders Bill and Eric to bring Russell in or die trying. Molly fits them with iStake vests that can kill them with push of a smartphone button. 


Nailing Salome

Salome brings Bill to the basement, where she reveals that she was the woman in the Bible who demanded John the Baptist’s head on a silver platter. She explains that she was made to be a villain and a symbol for the dangers of female sexuality, but that she has been following Bill’s upsurge for centuries and admires that he still follows his heart.

She wants to help him, and he proves his trustworthiness by pinning her against the wall and having sex with her. 


Later, Eric attempts to gloat about his own Salome nailing, and Bill tells him that gentlemen shouldn’t brag about sloppy seconds.

Reuniting with the Progeny

Bill and Eric, trying to figure out who could have freed Russell, first go to Fangtasia to see if Pam had anything to do with it. While Eric talks to her, Bill reassures new vampire Tara that her impulses to kill herself will pass. He asks if Sookie knows about her transformation and if she is okay, and Tara tells him to stop worrying about Sookie because he needs to move on. But she assures him that Sookie is safe, because there’s always someone willing to take a bullet for her (like she did).

Eric clears Pam of wrongdoing, and Bill speculates that if Nora is a Sanguinista and is behind this, then Russell would be very useful to her. But Eric insists he would have known of any plans she had. 

Jessica and Bill search his office for listening devices, and he finds a marijuana roach in the couch. She admits to having people over, but promises that no one was eaten or drained, and he says she can take care of herself and that the weed is low quality. Whoa there, cool dad.

She reaffirms that Bill and Sookie are different than Sookie and anyone else, and he proclaims that he has done well as a maker. 

Tracking Russell

With no other leads to follow, Bill and Eric have no choice but to enlist Sookie’s help. They find her drunk and about to have sex with Alcide, but she instead throws up on his shoes before Bill and Eric crash the party.


Sookie reads the mind of Doug, a construction employee who was glamoured after Russell was freed. She uncovers that someone with an Authority pendant dug Russell up, and she uses Doug’s suppressed memories to guide them to where he was taken.

In the back of Alcide’s truck, Bill and Eric bicker about whether or not Nora had anything to do with Russell’s release and if she is truly a traitor. They bare fangs and are about to rumble when Molly calls to tell them their iStakes are set to go off at dawn. 

They find a fully-healed Russell in an abandoned asylum, and he asks what took them so long? A wolf-vampire battle ensues, with Bill and Eric killing two werewolves while Sookie holds a charging Russell at bay with her faerie light. As they debate whether to kill Russell or bring him to Roman, an Authority strike team arrives and rounds everyone up. 

Eric glamours Alcide, tossing in that he’ll now be repulsed by Sookie, for good measure, while Bill works on an un-glamourable Sookie. He tells her it will be like they never met, and she will live her life as she was meant to, in the sun with others like her, as a human. Eric, Bill and Russell are all brought back to the Authority compound.

Russell Takes Control

Roman has the iStakes removed, and he toasts Bill and Eric’s proven loyalty with rare 18th century Austrian hemophiliac blood (Yum!). Russell is to be executed immediately, but his iStake fails and he kills Roman. It turns out that everything was orchestrated by Salome, who dug up Russell because he was the only vampire strong enough to defeat Roman. 

Bill and Eric are called to meet with Salome and the newly-freed Nora, and they are invited to a ceremony in which they will all drink Lilith’s blood. Neither is interested, but they decide to go with the flow, for now. 

Drunk on Lilith

The vampires wander around town in an intoxicated state, intimidating humans. They descend on a private karaoke party/wedding rehearsal, with Russell freaking out the crowd before the vampires attack everyone and drain them. A drop of blood hits the ground and manifests into a nude, blood-drenched woman who identifies herself as Lilith and who intensifies everyone’s blood lust.

Afterwards, a sobered-up Eric asks Bill what the heck they are doing with all this crazy vampire druggy stuff, and Bill replies that he saw Lilith and feels a newfound sense of being born again into a new way of life. 

Bonding with Salome

Salome asks Bill to feed off a woman with her. He is initially uncomfortable and says he’s not hungry, and Salome asks why he never turned his family. He flashes back to his daughter begging to be saved on her deathbed, but he says no, telling her immortality is a curse. Then he drains the horrified woman despite her revelation that she has children of her own.

The new vampire hierarchy decides to start flexing its muscle, and it is proposed that they simply begin killing mainstreamed vampires. But Bill suggests they destroy the Tru Blood factories, forcing vampires to feed off humans. Eric is shocked and asks Bill what’s up with the awesomely evil plot, to which he replies the he’s “evolving.”

As the Tru Blood factories burn, Bill and cohorts feed off a naked man.

Eric’s Plan

Eric hatches an escape plan, making one last ditch effort to include Bill. He tells him the pro-Lilith act isn’t going to work much longer, reminding him that he is a mainstreamer at heart. 

Later, Bill and Solome lie in bed, and she says Lilith has chosen the two of them to birth a new world. He is still unsure, and she assures him what they are doing is best. They start to have sex, and he envisions her as Sookie and bites her. Then she turns into Lilith, and he holds the blood in his mouth as the visions end.

Losing Bill

Bill appears to join Eric, a drugged Nora and Molly in their escape attempt and uses Salome’s blood to bypass security and call the elevator, but guards are waiting for them inside. Eric calls Bill a traitor, and he counters that he is doing this for Eric, who has “been chosen by Lilith.” Molly, giving the choice to join the Sanguinista or be executed, meets the true death.

Bill has Eric brought before him, warning that he and Nora are the only things standing between his death, which Eric welcomes. He asks why Bill cares, and he replies that he owes Eric for saving his life. He offers a drop of Lilith’s blood, but Eric refuses. So Bill and Nora force him to drink, and Nora joins him for the mutual trip, in which they watch Lilith murder Godric. 

Having seen his maker killed, Eric convinces Russell that they are now on board with the cause. He kneels before him and apologizes, welcoming a new era of cooperation. Russell reluctantly offers his hand for a kiss. 

Summoning Jessica

Bill summons Jessica to the Authority headquarters, where she finds him increasingly religious and questions his fervor. She compares him to her fundamentalist Christian parents, and he implores her to read the vampire bible with an open mind because he believes he is fated to lead their kind into the coming age. 

Since Russell and Steve are now after Jason and humans and vampires are not allowed to be together, she tricks Bill into letting her leave (with guards) so she can turn him into a vampire and save him.

Enter Bilith

Bill walks through the Authority headquarters, drawn onward by Lilith calling his name. He stops in front of the vial of blood, and Lilith says there can only be one leader, and she chooses him. She orders him to drink all her blood, but he declines, for now.

Later, he is drawn to the chamber again. Inside, he finds Chancellor Kibwe, who tells him Lilith summoned him and deemed him the chosen one. Bill, convinced of his own supremacy, kills Kibwe. 

After Jessica is brought back to the Authority with Pam, Bill again tries to convince her to follow Lilith. She calls him crazy, and he slaps her across the room.

Sam is brought to Bill as food, and he escapes by turning into a fly. Bill is furious over the security breach, and he orders all the guards to search for Sam. 

He admits to Salome that he killed Kibwe, but he lies and says Lilith appeared to him and pronounced Salmoe to be the chosen one (as happened in Salome’s vision). He claims he will serve her, and convinces her to drink Lilith’s blood, which he has replaced with a silver-infused variety. Before he stakes her, she proclaims “Lilith has chosen wisely.”

The recently-escaped Eric arrives with Sookie just as Bill is about to drink the real Lilith blood. Sookie urges him to return to his old self, but he is tired of his life and for always apologizing for being a vampire. He claims he has no real feelings for Sookie, drinks the blood, begins to bleed from the eyes and melts down to a puddle. 

Sookie is devastated, and Eric comforts her. But then Bill rises again from the pool of his own remains, bathed in blood like Lilith and baring sharper, longer fangs. Eric yells for Sookie to run while Bill growls demonically.


What’s Next for Bill?

With his Lilith-infused blood and all his rivals dead, particularly Roman and Russell, Bill is basically the strongest vampire on the planet. And it was his idea to burn down all the Tru Blood factories, so he’s pretty much the face of evil. 

It would seem like he’d do a bunch of horrible things, but in the end his love for Sookie will vindicate him, and he’ll do something selfless and sacrifice himself at the end of the season. But I don’t know, I’m just speculating. What do you think is in store for Bill Compton in season 6? 

We’ll wrap up the profiles on Friday, with the one I and my busy schedule have been dreading: Sookie Stackhouse. Then you can watch the season 6 premiere on Saturday at 9pm on HBO.

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