Part of our American Idol Fantasy TV contest is beating our very own Idol expert, Anoop Desai. We introduced him to you earlier this week and now get an insider’s thoughts on who could be going home tonight and why. 

Anoop Desai’s three picks to go home are:

1. Tim Urban: The last time Idol fans heard “Apologize” on the show was when David Archuleta sang it on his finale. Tim didn’t measure up, and the Idol demographic–a lot of them Archie fans– know it.

2. Lacey Brown:  I hate to say this, because I remember Lacy from last year. She is a sweet girl and is extremely talented, but she didn’t show it last night. Her nerves got to her and the judges ripped her apart.

3. Jannell Wheeler: You’ve gotta be of the Allison Iraheta/Carrie Underwood/Carly Smithson mold to sing Heart. Otherwise, you end up looking underwhelming in comparison. Unfortunately for Jannell, that’s what she did.

So there you have it. Anoop has made his picks, how do they compare to yours?