1. Locke is Back

The Tail Section explains this aspect better than I can, but the simple point is this: that was the most bad-ass Locke has been since season one of Lost. I can’t think of any other TV characters who could’ve believably done what Locke did (except, of course, Jack Bauer, who would’ve tortured the polar bear until it gave up the ultimate secrets of the island.) Hopefully, this Locke is back for good.

2. Lost’s Willingness to Drop Characters for Whole Episodes

I know this is something that Lost has always done, but when you watch everything else on TV you begin to realize just how unique Lost is. No other prime time show does this. Almost all mainstream ensemble dramas give their actors contracts that explicitly state that they will appear in every episode of the series. Not on Lost. The show’s, arguably, three biggest stars made no appearance last night.

3. Best Filmed Drug Hallucination I’ve Ever Seen on TV

Can you think of a better one? Talk about a cool way for Boone’s character to reappear, as Locke’s spiritual guide. The way the hallucination was filmed was disorienting, trippy, and ruthlessly effective. It felt real and believable. It was intense and dripping in style.

4. The Polar Bear (aka “Einstein of the Bear Community”) is Back

I don’t know about you, but I was wondering where the polar bears had gone. Lost has gotten away from the vibe of the first few episodes of the first season, when much of the focus was on the monsters on the island. Good to see that they’re still a threat.

5. Mr. Eko is Alive, Desmond Can Tell the Future, and Locke’s Going to Save the Captured

Yeah, I know that’s three things, but don’t all of them put chills down your spine? I had been dreading this episode for the past week because I had convinced myself that Eko was going to die. Also, can Desmond now tell the future, or was this just a one-time thing? And, best of all, can you imagine the coolness factor of Locke and Eko going on a mission to rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer?

It’s safe to say that season three of Lost has not disappointed. Enjoy it while you can, folks. There may never be another show like it.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer


Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV