BuddyTV users voted on their favorite shows of 2008. Their Top 25 ended up looking like this.

#25 One Tree Hill

Fans stuck with Mark Schwahn’s creation, even after the radical five-year story line jump. They were rewarded with more of what One Tree Hill is known for.

#24 Jericho

Despite being off the air with no hope for return, those Jericho fans continue to let their presence be known. No amount of nuts will bring Jericho back, unfortunately.

#23 The Office

Michael Scott and company are still going strong, five seasons into the vaunted workplace comedy.

#22 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is going to need all the fan support it can muster in 2009, as it makes the move to Friday nights, a deployment often considered suicidal.

#21 American Idol

American Idol might be the most popular series in the country, but it’s not even close here on BuddyTV.

#20 Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies: R.I.P. The ABC bucket of whimsy was unceremoniously slaughtered by the unfeeling hands of Disney executives at the end of 2008. Goodbye, Piemaker.

#19 Chuck

Chuck has become one of the most reliably entertaining shows on television in its second go-around. The ratings haven’t come yet, but NBC has faith, which is good news for fans.

#18 True Blood

True Blood is another in a long line of vampire franchises to gain a strong fan base here on the internets. And, deservedly so. The Alan Ball creation is a delight (in a violent, sexual kind of way).

#17 Moonlight

Hey, another vampire thing. Moonlight has since passed on into the vague hereafter, despite the cries of fans demanding a resuscitation.

#16 30 Rock

30 Rock has certainly benefited this season from Tina Fey’s newfound, Palin-induced fame. It’s deserved, fortunately, as 30 Rock is one of TV’s finest comedies.

#15 Scrubs

Scrubs has endured, despite NBC’s best attempts to snuff the life out of the comedy. Now on ABC, Scrubs is set to enjoy one final season of goodness.

#14 Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy, just recently one of TV’s highest rated and most beloved series, has fallen on difficult creative times. However, it gained enough audience loyalty over its first couple seasons that the series continues to acquire solid numbers.

#13 Fringe

J.J. Abrams newest creation may not be the freshman sensation that Lost was, but it’s doing just fine, thank you very much. Fringe has the potential to be the new X-Files.

#12 Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer continues its inexplicable popularity, both on the internet and in the ratings. I suspect Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s cleavage has something to do with this.

#11 CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami and Horatio Crane dominate television ratings. There’s nothing really else to say. I don’t particularly understand it, but there it is. You can’t argue with the numbers.

#10 Prison Break

Prison Break has always been popular on BuddyTV, though no one could have expected this sort of staying power for the series, especially given the original concept.

#9 Dexter

Dexter isn’t for everyone, but the Showtime serial killer drama has come on quite strong over the past year. The momentum is still building, too.


NCIS stars Mark Harmon. That’s all I can confidently tell you about NCIS. My roommate loves it. He says it’s actually kind of funny. I am suspicious of my roommate.

#7 Lost

Lost enjoyed an excellent fourth season in 2008, probably its best since season 1. It’s no surprise that BuddyTV users have rated it so high.

#6 Smallville

Smallville may be on its last legs, it may be without much of the original cast, but the fans are nothing if not loyal.

#5 CSI

CSI, Original Style, is still the king of network procedurals. 2009 might test its mettle, with William Peterson stepping aside to make way for Laurence Fishburne. Will fans stick around? Probably.

#4 Heroes

Heroes did not have a great 2008, at least creatively. The world seems split these days on Heroes’ merits. The defenders are vehement, the detractors adamant. With Bryan Fuller back on board, maybe 2009 will bridge the gap.

#3 House

House the Lovable Curmudgeon is still doing his thing on FOX. No signs of slowing down.

#2 Bones

Bones – not what I was expecting to see here in the #2 slot. But, everyone who watches it loves it, and a lot of people watch it. It’s hard to argue with that.

#1 Supernatural

Was there any freaking doubt?

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV