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AGT Star Jackie Evancho Debuts at No. 2 on Billboard 200
This makes her the youngest solo artist ever to have a Top 10 album. Now we have numbers to back up our “I told you so,” except we’ll be saying “I told you so” to nobody because we all knew this would happen. It’s not much of a surprise, especially since it’s a Christmas EP and who doesn’t want to listen to an angel sing about the Holidays? The EP also includes a DVD of Jackie Evancho’s performances on America’s Got Talent. It’s the perfect gift for my dad, if only he knew what iTunes was. [Zap2it]

James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the Oscars?
Apparently the Academy has asked, and it “looks like” they both said yes. Of course they would! This could either be great or terrible. Anne Hathaway was charming in her performance at the 2009 Academy Awards with Hugh Jackman. I’m not sure how to feel about James Franco. What do you think? Is this exciting and wonderful or the worst news since you heard about the death of famously fat cat, Prince Chunk? [Zap2it]

A Real Housewives of New Jersey Spin-off
Finally? As much as we wish this was the latest installment in Danielle Staub’s descent into madness, it looks like Caroline Manzo’s sons Chris and Albie will be doing their own spin-off. Because they are so famous? Recently featured on The Millionaire Matchmaker, the brothers have signed on for a spin-off, although we still don’t know what it will be about. My guess? That strip club/car wash hybrid idea. Apparently the two have moved into their own bachelor pad, and will continue to fight off the hoards of fame whores women they attract. But the most important question is: does anyone care? [Page Six]

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