Has television been reading my diary? How else would they know to combine two of my favorite scary things: The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Ghost Hunters? I’m freaking out. I want to see the Housewives see some full-bodied apparitions! You know who’s not excited? The real Ghost Hunters (TAPS). So TAPS, plus Kim, Nene, and Sheree, will be investigating the super-haunted Rhodes Hall.

Apparently this was Sheree’s doing (“some of the ladies from the Real Housewives have been asking to get in on an investigation”) and she is totally into it. TAPS is “excited” that they are “not trained in any way shape or form” and Sheree is scared of bats and ghost pokes. Kim is wearing a tube top, lounge pants, and heels. Classic!

This show is amazingly awkward. It’s clear that TAPS doesn’t trust the Real Housewives at all, and are reluctant to even have them there. They can’t be quiet and it will mess with the EVPs or something. It sort of seems like no one wants this to happen but it’s happening anyway. But amiably, Jason and Grant from TAPS go along with the Real Housewives during the investigation: “yes why don’t you show us what kind of pretty dresses you wore.”

Then Sheree heard something and Kim said, “Sheree, you didn’t hear sh*t.” I love this! Grant confirms the noise Sheree heard, then Kim hears it and they walk up the stairs. Grant was surprised to find the Real Housewives of Atlanta be “all business.” I’m surprised, too. It’s certainly not their most quiet or pensive investigation, but it’s definitely my favorite.

Amy and Chris (not Housewives) had some creepy experiences in the basement, but the best thing was the scary painting of some old guy behind them. Jason and Grant went back to the office without the Housewives so they could get some real work done. As much as I love a good TAPS investigation, you can’t just give us the Real Housewives then take them away.

They’re back! This time with Chris and Amy. After hearing some noises and seeing some shadows, Amy concludes that they “had a lot of fun.” Then they wrapped the investigation, with Jason saying “they did great.” NeNe says she would do it again and I say YES. There’s nothing I’d rather watch!

As much as I support this union, I was a little disappointed. They didn’t get a great investigation in, and the Housewives were barely in it. Just make NeNe go ghost hunting like, once a month and I’d be so happy. When they were reviewing the footage, Dave said it would be fun just to see what the Housewives would say. That’s why we watch them do things, too, Dave. We’re building bridges here.

In the end, most of the interesting evidence came from the segments with the Housewives, which proves that this should happen more often.

The Beverly Hills Housewives are back this week (yay!) and Top Chef All-Stars premieres this week, so even if you were disappointed by this mash-up, there’s plenty of good, dramatic Bravo to look forward to.

(image courtesy of Bravo)

Carla Patton

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