Initially, I didn’t think I could make it through that dinner party again. It was so awkward and it made me hate Camille, but boil over with rage toward that Alison Dubois character. I didn’t think my soul could take it. But my DVR dutifully recorded it and once I started watching it, I had a good time.

Yes, there are some unseen clips from the dinner party, but what makes this special the most fun are the interviews with the Housewives (and “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick”) after the fact. It’s weird how, after a little time and space, the dinner party was quite enjoyable for everyone to watch and relive. And in light of everything going on with Camille (she’s finally free, you guys! Kelsey is set to get married again in like, two weeks), watching the dinner party this time around made me hate her much less, if at all. Yeah, I actually felt bad for her.
The Producer’s Cut of “The Dinner Party from Hell” shone new light on the true enemy of the evening: Alison Dubois, celebrity medium and profiler of serial killers. She said even WORSE things about Kyle (and “those women”) in the extended footage. Watch it, it’s fun!

Speaking of the new Camille, she’ll be in an upcoming episode of $#*! My Dad Says. Here’s a picture from the episode, in which she will basically be playing herself. Her name is even Camille in the episode, and she’s looking for real estate after a divorce.

Is that a wax figure? No, it’s Camille!

Will you watch Camille on $#*! My Dad Says? Will you watch Medium? Oops, you can’t, it’s canceled.

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