We’ve already tapped on the never-ending issue surrounding Booth and Brennan’s relationship on Bones, whether they should or shouldn’t get together in the coming season. We’ve also covered Booth’s pretty strong feelings for Brennan and their pretty sexual scene in the coming episodes. Now, it’s time to discuss one more aspect in Booth and Brennan’s relationship: the baby!

Brennan’s baby is perhaps the farthest thing on your mind (as well as Brennan’s) as Bones returns for its fifth season on September 17. And I don’t blame you or Brennan. There are a lot more interesting issues to resolve than dealing with this whole baby storyline. It’s a pretty big deal, though, because Brennan’s reaction to how Booth feels about letting her have his child is quite a strong indication of how Brennan feels about Booth.

In season 4, Brennan decides to have a child and asks for Booth’s semen. Booth considers Brennan’s request but this causes him large amounts of stress, which he irrationally denies to Brennan and Sweets. Though he had earlier refused to give Brennan his sperm after hallucinating advice from Stewie Griffin, Booth changes his mind right before going into surgery, saying if something should happen to him, he wants her to have his baby. But as you know, the surgery, though successful, has left Booth with a shattered memory.

I don’t think Bones will give us a pregnant Brennan anytime soon but at least, series creator Hart Hanson has already hinted on the idea that Brennan “does not want to have [Booth’s] baby if he doesn’t want her to have the baby. It was really significant that once he had doubts, she wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’ll have the baby with someone else.’ If Brennan wants to have a baby, she wants to have Booth’s baby. Her interest in having a child declines to zero when she considers having anyone else’s baby.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW
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Kris De Leon

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