You’ve got 74 days of waiting left before New Moon kicks off, provided I counted correctly.  Before this roundup, though–with a handful of previews and a premiere date–here’s a question for you Twilight fans: do you know anyone who actually lives in Forks?  Just a curiosity.  I personally don’t.

Bite one: Can you go to Los Angeles?  Because that’s where the New Moon premiere will be held.  The Village and Bruin theaters, to be exact, on November 16, almost exactly a year from when Twilight premiered.  Now, you know what to bring, right?  Cameras, signs, extra lozenges…

Bite two: What the heck is Bella wearing?  You saw the photo up there?  That’s a new still from New Moon, which pretty much amounts to a staring moment between Edward and Bella.  And it seems she’s wearing a fancy dress–the birthday party, perhaps?–but it looks odd from where I am.  Seems she’s still dressing up and having those hallucinations.  Heck, I don’t know where this still is from.

“Let’s discuss our off-screen engagement by staring at each other.”

Let’s have a caption contest, just for fun.  Saw my caption?  What’s your caption?

Bite three: Oh, Forks.  For some reason I haven’t heard of this documentary about the Twi-craze, Twilight in Forks.  Now, I mentioned Forks earlier because you might want to head there for the second Stephenie Meyer Day, happening this weekend.  Apart from the usual stuff, you get a chance to preview the documentary too.  The teaser trailers, by the way, are on the MTV website.

Bite four: “Meet me halfway…”  Death Cab for Cutie’s just posted a 35-second clip of “Meet Me At The Equinox”, the first single off the New Moon soundtrack.  Head on over to their website and look for it in the news section.  If you want the song before many of us do, go pre-order the album online and you’ll get a link to download the song on September 13, the same day MTV premieres the video on its website.

Hrm.  It sounds like… a little bit like “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, only with more instruments.

Bite five: Andy Samberg!  Yep, he who spoofed Twilight (quite well) during the MTV Movie Awards.  Now he’s got some degree of adulation from fans of the books and the films, too.  “We hear the [roar sound] and … screeching loud fans and I was, like, ‘Oh, that’s the Twilight fans,'” he said, talking about his experience at this year’s Comic-Con.  “I’ve only heard that sound one before and it was for all the Twilight stuff at the MTV Movie Awards.  There is this certain frequency that only Twilight fans make.”

Talk about making your mark in this world.  Oh, you might want to see his latess animated flick–although fellow Saturday Night Live-r Bill Hader’s the star–Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  Because a pizza storm is a good antidote after all that RPattz gushing…

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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