It would seem like the writers and producers of Bones are as tired of the midwinter hiatus as the rest of us. With only a week to go until Bones returns with new episodes, there is a veritable flood of spoilers emerging about the show. It’s none of that silly stuff about plots, crimes and investigations either. Nope, it’s time for news about what really matters on Bones: the Brennan-Booth relationship.

And the news is finally looking up. provided a large number of hints from an interview with Bones executive producer, Stephen Nathan. The most important of the hints deal, of course, with the aftermath of Brennan’s confession of feelings for Booth in December. Booth may have rejected Brennan then, but the issue remains.

Booth brings up the situation almost immediately (Nathan says in the “second scene” of the Jan. 20 episode), when Booth discusses things with Sweets. Brennan, meanwhile, will be trying — and failing — to compartmentalize the whole thing. Where’s Hannah in all of this? No word on that, but the situation can only complicate matters between her and Booth.

Whether or not anything gets resolved quickly, the relationship isn’t going anywhere. In an episode scheduled to air sometime in February or March, Booth and Brennan will get stuck in an elevator. Pretty much for the whole episode. Yes, they’ll be solving a murder via cell phone throughout their captivity, but there should be more to it than that. According to Stephen Nathan: “It’s gonna be a great episode for the people who want to see Booth and Brennan be in love and a great episode for all the geeks out there who love the science.”

That sounds promising.

Even more promising is the news from TVLine. The rumored news from that source is that there is a chance of actually having Brennan and Booth as a couple by the end of the season. For real this time.

It’s not set in stone, since series creator Hart Hanson reports that the show’s writers remain divided on whether the pair should become a couple or should remain at a distance. Will the writers go with the fans’ apparent wishes or should they torture us some more?

In Other Bones News…
There are some non-relationship spoilers from as well.

  • That elevator episode will take place during a blizzard (ripped from the headlines!) that knocks out power around Washington, DC. The team at the Jeffersonian, meanwhile, has to solve a murder quickly because the body carries a contagious disease. If they’re not fast enough, there could be an epidemic.
  • Hodgins and Angela will have some pregnancy issues to worry about during the same blizzard.
  • The Feb. 10 episode will feature BMX racing and shots (alcohol, not bullets) with Booth and Sweets. As they get drunk, the men will discuss relationship issues.
  • An upcoming episode will have a murder connected to a “radical honesty” group. No one lies. Except, presumably, the killer.
  • Feet will wash up on a beach at the border of Canada and the US.
  • The “Locator” episode is expected to shoot sometime in February.

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Is that enough Bones news for now? Are you hopeful about the central relationship? Worried about it? Concerned for the other potential plotlines? Leave us a comment!

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