Bones season 8 continues on Monday, March 18 with an episode called “The Doom in the Gloom.” But while we still have to wait more than a week for the next episode, here are a whole lot of intriguing spoilers about the season finale to mull over in the meantime.

Meeting Booth’s Mother

A few episodes back, we got the chance to meet Brennan’s mom, so why not Booth’s too? Well, according to TVGuide, that’s exactly what’s going to happen in the final episode of the season. Actress Joanna Cassidy (who recently played Megan Hunt’s mom on Body of Proof) will appear in the April 29 finale episode as the woman who gave us Seeley Booth. 

So far, we haven’t heard all that much about Seeley’s mom. We know that he and his brother were raised by their grandfather after he kicked their alcoholic, abusive father out of the house. It was revealed in season 7 that Booth’s dad died of liver failure, so now Booth’s mom is the only living parent he has left and it looks like she could end up visiting as often as his grandfather. 

Here’s what star David Boreanaz had to say about the appearance of Booth’s mother:

“I think the relationship just in general is better with his mother than it was with his father, so it’ll be something that we look at and try to figure out how we’re going to incorporate it into the storylines.”

A Brennan/Booth Marriage Dilemma

The last time the evil mastermind known as Pelant was around Booth and Brennan’s home, he ventured into their room and did..something to their alarm clock. If you’ve been wondering what he did, don’t worry, you’ll find out soon. According to TVLine, that mystery will also be addressed in the season finale. Another big reveal in that episode comes from executive producer Stephen Nathan, who said that view will get “one more surprising piece of the Brennan/Booth marriage dilemma.”

Pelant’s Return Causes Complications

Next up, we have a few more tidbits about the finale, including the title of the episode itself. TVLine reports that the name of the episode is “The Secret in the Siege” and, according to executive producer Stephen Nathan, “It takes Booth back to a Ruby Ridge situation he was involved in years before. And Pelant, of course, is pulling some strings to complicate things further.”

Whoa! So far we have Booth’s mom, more complications from Pelant AND mention of a Booth/Brennan marriage dilemma. Sounds like the season ender is going to be a doozy. 

What do you think after hearing all this news about the Bones Season 8 finale? What part of the story are you most excited to see play out, Pelant, Booth’s mom, or the Booth/Brennan marriage dilemma?

Bones airs on Monday nights at 8pm on FOX. 

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Michelle Carlbert

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