Yes, Bones is ending and it’s sad, but at least it’s in good hands, right? At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, BuddyTV found out from executive producers Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson what they have planned for the show’s final season, who they want to see return and more.

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Watch the video interview with Bones EPs Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson:

Here are the SDCC highlights:

  • When did they know this was how they were bringing back Zack? They always wanted to bring him back, since that is one of the big loose ends, Collier shared. “I’m not sure it’s the way fans wanted us to do it,” Peterson admitted, “but it happened and the story’s not done yet.”
  • Zack will probably be in three or four more episodes next year. “There’s a lot more to be told,” Peterson said, with Collier adding, “It’s a long bumpy ride. There’s plenty of twists to it.”
  • They do have sort of a checklist of what they want to accomplish in the final Bones season. They’re going to try to be as ambitious as possible.
  • They would like to have a guest star from the past seasons in every episode, but it depends on availability. For example, they had written Stephen Fry into episode 1, but he wasn’t available, so they hope to bring him back down the line.
  • “A little bit gross, but mostly laughter,” Peterson said when talking about what they aim to have on their show. There are some things that are too ugly for Bones, like sex crimes and recent events. They try to send a positive message, and they have tackled some big social issues over the years.
  • Yes, there will be another undercover episode.
  • The ending will “probably be almost a two-parter,” Peterson revealed. “It’ll be two hours. We’re going to really build up to it and it’s gonna be fun.”
  • They want to treat the ending properly. They’re looking to early seasons for inspiration.
  • “The DNA’s all here because of Hart [Hanson],” Collier pointed out. Some of his notes for ending the series can’t be done (like ending on Booth and Brennan’s wedding), but they have talked to him and Stephen Nathan about the finale.
  • Collier likes how they’re dealing with Hodgins’ story. “I think it’s very real, I think it’s very emotional.”
  • Collier wouldn’t be surprised if these characters “never quite go away,” but he doesn’t think a planted spinoff will happen this year.
  • They know that fans have their ideas about how they want the series to end. “The real pressure is make sure we’ve earned all the devotion they’ve given us and they’ve given the show,” Collier said.

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Bones season 12 will air in the winter of 2017 on FOX.

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