I don’t know about any of you, but I thought “The Fact in the Fiction” was a bit of a dud. The bright spot was the introduction of Oliver, the new intern who butts heads with Brennan.

The Hodgins Lookalike Physicist 

New Squintern Oliver makes quite the first impression, as he, Brennan and Booth start off on the wrong foot. Or make that head.

When the latest case involves a body found in a field without a head, Oliver had apparently retrieved the skull by fighting off coyotes. So he’s all bloodied, looking like a crazy man about to present a head to Brennan. 

Except Brennan has no idea who he is! When it comes to Jeffersonian emails, it appears Brennan only opens ones that have to do with cases. Not those with the subject line Personnel or New Intern. Tsk tsk.

Oliver and Hodgins don’t just have physical similarities, but they just might equal each other in the Nerdy-Meter. Truly brothers from another mother, like Hodgins says.

But he’s at odds with Brennan. You could truly feel the way he gets under his skin. Like the way he’s eating string cheese in the lab. The way he implies she’s narrow-minded.

Time Travel? Really?

What was unbelievable about this case is that the victim was into time traveling. When another victim is found where the victim was believed to have been killed, Oliver thinks it’s the same person and therefore time traveled because the physical descriptions matched that of the victim — just 20 years older. The two also ended up with a bullet in the same spot on their chest.

Thinks is too weak of a word. I mean, he really believed it. Meanwhile, I immediately knew who the second victim was. His dad. Lo and behold — it is. The dad was a deadbeat junkie who bailed on the victim and his family but his drug problem brought him back into their lives, since his dealer had worked with the victim and his brother. The victim, so relieved to see his father back in his life, had wanted to turn over his college tuition to help him. This angered the brother so he shot the dad, but the victim had stepped in front of him to save him.

The cases on Bones are quite crazy to begin with. And it’s not the fact that the victim thought he could find a way to time travel, it’s that one of scientists — the one who had a bazillion degrees — got all giddy that the possibility is real. Sure, sometimes some things can’t be explained. But come on. 

In the end, the case didn’t even have anything to do with the time traveling aspect. The professor was a suspect, and Hodgins tested the strength of the battery to see if it could’ve caused the rib fracture in the victim. But it wasn’t. So … what was the point?

Maybe One Day …

At the very least, the subject of time travel spurred on conversation among the gang about where they’d go back in time if they could. Hodgins would pick the moment he met Angela. I didn’t quite understand her hesitation before agreeing with him — was she just being agreeable or was she just touched that he picked that moment?

Sweets tells Booth he’d time travel to see his adoptive parents again and tell them how much he appreciated everything they did for him. Cam would go back in time for Angela’s ex-husband, to which Angela agreed to as well. So the truth comes out! But I still don’t know what that truth is. Let’s stop being around the bush, people.

Back at home, Booth tells Brennan he’d go all the way back to when Lincoln was assassinated to stop it from happening (oh, Booth), while Brennan says there’s no reason for her to time travel because everything she wants is all right there.

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV