The Walking Dead‘s new episode, “I Ain’t a Judas,” has everyone exchanging banter instead of bullets. The show usually struggles to keep things interesting when characters aren’t creatively killing Walkers. Still, watching Andrea’s reunion with her prison pals and The Governor preparing for war proves pretty entertaining.

Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?

The Governor begins drafting an army for his penitentiary assault. Woodbury’s leader is really into youth involvement, recruiting kids young as 13 years old. Great idea, Governor! No one makes better soldiers than pubescent bundles of hormones and angst. Andrea balks at this idea, but her concerns fall on deaf ears. Come on, when queen of terrible decisions Andrea acts as your voice of reason, something’s terribly wrong.

Rick’s also getting his leadership questioned, as Hershel unceremoniously tells him to get it together. Even Carl suggests his dad take a breather from being dictator for a while. That definitely sounds like a great idea; Daryl and Glenn seem much more put together currently. At this point, really anyone who’s not hallucinating that their dead wife’s walking around could be an ideal candidate.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Andrea secretly visits the prison trying to stop this upcoming war. She’s met with wildly differing reactions, from Michonne’s stony disregard to Carol’s warm embrace. Unable to talk Rick down, Carol suggests another tactic. It involves spending a night of carnal passion with The Governor, then killing him in his sleep. You know, the subtle approach. 

We’re All Friends Here

Woodbury gets some new residents when Tyreese’s crew stumbles across its doorstep. The Governor’s beside himself with happiness when he hears they know the prison’s layout. Five minutes later, they’ve enlisted in The Governor’s army. 

This “strangers to BFFs in no time” trend for The Walking Dead is weird. It makes sense in Tyreese’s situation. However, is anyone else put off how Rick lets Merle walk around carrying guns when a few episodes ago he was Public Enemy Number One? 

No to Plan Praying Mantis

Andrea returns to Woodbury, and for a moment seems about to follow through on Carol’s praying mantis plan. With her knife at The Governor’s throat, she suddenly walks away. Can’t say this surprises me; Andrea still seems deeply planted in his pocket.

All signs are pointing towards an upcoming epic clash between opposing groups. There’s a slight chance everyone could give peace a chance, but after last week’s bullet festival, that seems unlikely. The real question is whether Rick’s sanity can hold through this crisis. Should he step down from the crown, or soldier on? Comment and let us know.

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Daniel Mikelonis

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV