On the Suits finale, the war for the firm was on. Jessica on one side with Edward’s support for their firms to merge and Harvey on the other side. Bets were placed that would guaranteed that there would be no winners.

“War” was practically mutually assured destruction. Even though no one died, relationships were destroyed that will be difficult to repair. Harvey brought lawsuits against Edward’s clients and the first attack was launched.

If Harvey won, then Edward would go away and the merger would be off. If Harvey lost, he would work for the newly merged firm with an extended non-compete contract, all without his name on the door. Ouch. 

Harvey was out of his league this time. He was emotionally motivated to attack and that led him to make mistakes. His first was taking on Edward and Jessica, his second was breaking the rules to win, and his third was underestimating Jessica’s will to beat him.

Meanwhile, Scottie was on the outside. She betrayed Harvey by not letting him in on the merger from the beginning and he wasn’t going to let that go. He doesn’t trust her after she slept with him while engaged, unwittingly causing him break his own code of ethics about relationships. The merger situation only compounded their troubled relationship.

Donna told Scottie she needed to make a sacrifice to break through to Harvey. She did that by giving Mike information that they needed to win. Harvey told Mike not to use it because he didn’t trust her, but he also was too proud to use her help.

Despite Harvey’s orders, Donna told Mike to go ahead. Then, convinced Harvey that it was his only way to win and that Scottie loved him. Aww. With everyone going against Harvey, Donna was always on his side.

Victory should have been Harvey’s, but just as he broke the rules, Jessica did as well. She blackmailed Mike into not using Scottie’s information by threatening to have him arrested as a fraud. This war was high stakes.

Harvey felt betrayed by Mike and fired him, then Jessica immediately un-fired him. Harvey lost. It was over and time to move on. It was heartbreaking to watch the relationships within both firms destroyed over this merger fight, including Scottie’s firing.

After all that Harvey and Scottie had been through, their goodbye was upsetting to watch. Harvey could have ran after her, but he didn’t. Though, he perhaps did something even more touching.

In the end, Harvey upheld the bet and congratulated Edward for the victory and shook his hand. Then, he asked Edward to bring Scottie back on board. New York or London? What was Harvey’s answer? We’ll have to wait until season 3 for that answer.

Harvey and Scottie may not have made a love connection, but one did come out of this entire debacle. Mike and Rachel! After not sending the letter to Harvard, Rachel confronted Mike demanding that he tell her what was going on.

It was painful to watch Mike struggle with his loss. After losing his friend, grandmother, and Harvey, he couldn’t handle losing her too. He broke and told her that truth, “I never went to Harvard.” She responded by slapping him … twice. He caught her hand the third time. As she walked away, he wouldn’t let her go.

They kissed and had emotionally charged sex in the file room. Rachel will definitely struggle accepting that Mike has everything she has ever wanted and he got it without earning it. Will their love for each other supersede her resentment? 

It’s going to be a long wait until summer to find out how all these relationships work themselves out. If anything is guaranteed, it’s that it won’t be smooth sailing for the merger or the people involved.

Odds and Ends

  • Louis and Brit-Louis were hilarious. They understood each other too well. Will Louis’ decision to put Nigel’s name on the Efficiency List come back to hurt him?
  • The “proper” British behavior never got old. If they are going to stick around, it will be fun to see if they adopt uncivilized American ways.
  • Downton Abbey references are always a good thing!
  • Nice move by Edward to use a law not “on the books” that Mike wouldn’t be able to quote to get ahead.
  • Harvey family background alert: He has a brother who got sick. Harvey gave his tuition money to pay medical bills. He wouldn’t take money from his mother, so she gave the sick brother money to repay Harvey. Will we get to meet his brother?
  • The Mike-Rachel sex scene was HOT! Pay cable hot. 

How difficult will it be to repair the relationships after this battle? Who will “make up” first? Harvey and Mike? Or, Jessica and Harvey? Did Harvey say “New York” or “London”? Will Mike and Rachel survive his lie?

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