Fans finally got their first look at the notorious Silas on this week’s emotional Vampire Diaries, only he looked an awful lot like Professor Shane.

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After awaking from his desiccated state and killing Jeremy Gilbert, Silas left his iron mask behind, meaning he could look like anyone. Throughout the episode Bonnie was being guided by a seemingly healed Professor Shane who was encouraging her to help Silas tear down the wall between the real world and the Other Side, where all dead supernatural beings have gone.

In the final moments, we saw Professor Shane in Mystic Falls with Bonnie, prodding her to complete the rituals by killing 12 more innocent people, but at the same time, the real Professor Shane, still badly injured, was on the island with Rebekah.

In other words, Bonnie’s Shane is actually Silas. There are several possible explanations for why Silas looks like Shane. Maybe he’s simply a shapeshifter and can assume any identity he wants, much like the First from the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or he has an ability to manipulate people’s minds so that he can make Bonnie think he looks like Shane, but he really doesn’t (something we don’t know since Silas/Shane has yet to interact with anyone else).  Or maybe there’s something bigger at play. And maybe it has to do with doppelgangers.

Why Shane Is a Silas Doppelganger

The sudden return of Katherine Pierce to steal the Cure instantly reminded viewers of the concept of a doppelganger. The Petrova line comes from Tatia, a girl whose blood was used in Esther’s spell to create the Original Vampires. And every 500 years, a new doppelganger is born into that same bloodline, and the doppelganger is a powerful supernatural being whose blood is useful in major rituals.

But there’s no evidence that this is the only doppelganger. In fact, knowing that a doppelganger line was created when a witch made the Original Vampires only makes it more likely that a doppelganger line was also created when Silas became the very first vampire and immortal.

Additionally, we learned from Hunter Vaughn that Katherine was working with Tyler’s werewolf pal Hayley and that she told her about Silas and the Cure. But we also know Hayley was working for Professor Shane. So it’s not a huge leap to assume that Shane and Katherine may have been in cahoots and that there’s a connection between Silas and the Petrova doppelganger.

The most reasonable conclusion I can think of is not that Silas is simply a shapeshifter, but that he may be an original doppelganger and Professor Shane is the latest incarnation of his line.

What do you think? Is Silas just a shapeshifter who chooses to look like Shane to gain Bonnie’s trust, or is he another doppelganger?

Hopefully these and more questions will be answered when The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, March 14 at 8pm on the CW.

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