This week on Bones (it’s about time it’s back!), Sweets moves in with Booth, Brennan and baby Christine. And just to give you an idea of how that’s going: well, Booth walks in on Sweets enjoying some R&R in jets in their bathroom. And the ending is probably one of my favorite scenes of all eight seasons.

Overextending His Welcome?

I don’t like mopey, heartbroken Sweets. I’m sure we all don’t. But for one night, this mopey, heartbroken version of our favorite FBI psychologist provides a lot of the entertainment — and not to mention the dynamic between Brennan and Booth as they struggle to agree on whether he should stay. And they even make a bet on how long he’ll last.

Is this storyline only happening just so we can get Sweets in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist? Because it seems more believable for the show to capture that after he comes out of getting cozy in Booth and Brennan’s Whirlpool. 

And then on top of that, Fisher makes an unannounced visit pertaining to the latest case, and it’s like a brief, impromptu party in the house. Booth looking so frazzled at the scene in front of him is priceless.

Dance Party for Two

By the end, Sweets has packed his things, ready to go out in the world on his own. But wait! Brennan and Booth sincerely want him to stay. Brennan mentions a ritual celebration thing, which means an impromptu dance party.

It’s all kinds of awkwardness with limbs shooting out in every direction. But it’s so endearing, especially with Booth just watching with a smirk thinking, yep, I love these people.

Who Killed the Applesauce Girl?

Like it’s been so far this season, the case is extra gross. This one involves a local artisan in the applesauce-making community whose chopped-up body had precise incisions. Suspicions fall on the nearby butcher and her doctor, both of whom know how to make clean cuts. Oh, and she was a prostitute.

It’s just a bizarre case with an odd twist of events. Like Fisher believing it’s a Jack the Ripper-type serial killer because she was chopped up with a blade. And Jack the Ripper used to be a doctor. Looks like we have our guy!

Except on Bones, so he’s not. No, he’s just sex-crazed. But that doesn’t make him the killer.

Leave it to Angela to figure out the victim was cut in a specific pattern, indicating a machine. An apple-cutting machine. You would think I would’ve figured it out earlier than I had, but I didn’t. It turns out the victim was going to “sell out” by accepting money from the man who took on to be her father figure after her dad died.

This angered the victim’s applesauce-making partner so much that she slapped the victim, who fell into the apple machine. Ick. And then in the end, Booth eats the $9 artisanal applesauce and only stops eating it because Brennan points out how much sugar there is.

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Esther Gim

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