The Halloween party might be over, but several incidents that occurred that fateful evening are having long-term consequences. Gavin uncovers the identity of the man who is plotting against him. Jane’s attack is the catalyst for a life-changing decision. Dr. Evans’ gambling addiction sends him scrambling to Gavin for help. Jane discovers a family connection between herself and The Drake.

Who Was That Masked Man?

The thief who took a mysterious box from Gavin’s safe is revealed to be a man known as Mr. Wallace. He receives a phone call from another man, who offered Wallace $1 million to procure the box. Wallace decides whatever is inside is worth bargaining for, and the buyer offers him $3 million. They agree to a place and time to make the exchange. The man on the phone does offer Wallace one ominous piece of advice: “Don’t open the box.” Later, two men, one of whom is presumably the buyer and the other his muscle, break into Wallace’s apartment. They find the thief suffering from some unknown affliction. Apparently, he did not heed the stranger’s warning. They take the box and torch the apartment.

In For a Penny, In For a Pound of Flesh

Dr. Evans examines Olivia after her ordeal. He draws blood, but tells her he’s sure that her fainting was due to too much champagne. On his way out, Gavin asks the doctor to give the results of the tests to him first. To show his gratitude, Gavin tells Dr. Evans not to worry about the fact that he is short on the rent for the month. Dr. Evans tells Gavin his money woes are the result of student loans. “People trust you with their lives; I think I can trust you with a loan,” Gavin tells him. Evans weakly protests, but is soon asking his landlord for a hefty $50,000.

Whatever Happened to Crazy Jane

Jane walks two detectives through the events the night of the Halloween party. When she shows the police the dumbwaiter she used to elude Peter Kramer, it is no longer there. All that is left is a sliding door and a gaping space full of cobwebs. Detective Jarvis (Tijuana Ricks) asks Henry if he saw the killer or the man murdered in the hallway. Detective Cooper (Teddy Sears) asks if it’s possible that the whole thing was a Halloween prank that went too far. The usually mild-mannered to the point of blandness Henry speaks up on behalf of Jane’s sanity. “Look, I don’t know why there’s no sign of what happened, alright, but Jane was attacked and you need to be acting like this guy is still out there,” he says.

Luck is Not His Lady

Dr. Evans tells Gavin that the tests revealed chloroform in Olivia’s blood. Gavin tells the doctor that Olivia was the victim of some “foul play” at the party, but that he is handling it himself. He thanks the doctor for his discretion. He then confirms that Evans received the money that Gavin wired into his account. Turns out the good doctor has a bit of a gambling problem. The problem being that he’s got bad luck when it comes to the ponies.

NYPD Blows

Henry goes to visit Detective Cooper to see if they have any leads on the man who attacked Jane. When Cooper says no, Henry tells him that is unacceptable. He says Jane is ready to move because the man hasn’t been found. Cooper begins to interrogate Henry, asking if things are alright between him and Jane, or if there is any history of mental illness in Jane’s family. When Henry inquires why he would ask him that, Detective Jarvis chimes in, “We didn’t find a body, a single drop of blood or any damage at all.”

Ladies Who Lunch
Jane and Olivia are out to to lunch. When Jane excuses herself to use the restroom, the man currently in possession of the mystery box sits down with Olivia and introduces himself as Victor Shaw (Nick Chinlund). He tells her that her husband is evil. Shaw says he is giving Olivia an out before he destroys Gavin. “Your husband excels at hurting people and taking everything from them” — paging Dr. Evans — “He took something from me, and now I have the opportunity to take it back,” he tells Olivia. Victor Shaw also advises Olivia to see another doctor.

Regarding Henry

Detective Cooper meets with Jane to tell her they identified the man whose cell phone she used to call the police. His girlfriend has reported him missing. Feeling a bit more confident after this latest bit of news, Jane confides in the detective that the man who tried to kill her was a ghost. Detective Cooper turns out to be more understanding than Henry is when he finds the article describing Peter Kramer’s psychotic break and the subsequent murder in 1929. Jane tells him that she wants to move back to the Midwest. She admits to seeing and hearing things and her fears that The Drake is a dark and evil place. Instead of blaming it on PMS, he goes with cabin fever. Henry also reveals that Jane has a crazy grandmother, and that Jane might want to consider therapy.

The Plot Thickens and Thickens and Thickens

Jane confronts Gavin after she receives the results of a blood test she had done without his knowledge. He admits what happened to her at the party, and how she was used as a distraction while the thief broke into the safe. When Olivia hears this news, it is obvious she knows what is in the mystery box. She asks Gavin if they are in danger. He promises that he will not let anything happen to her. Olivia tells her husband about her conversation with Victor Shaw. Olivia doesn’t understand how Victor seems to know so much about their lives. Gavin tells her his once-trusted associate Sam Steinberg (Peter Friedman) has been feeding Shaw information.

It was sub-plot palooza on 666 Park Avenue. The show also paid some subtle homages to Seven, Poltergeist and Psycho.

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