The last time we saw the Bones crew, Brennan and Booth were tying the knot in an amazing wedding put together at the last minute by Matron of Honor Angela. The wedding was nearly cancelled after the church burned down the night before the wedding. I absolutely loved the wedding, from the vows to the “squinterns” donning clothes from fashion exhibits at the Jeffersonian.

In this week’s episode of Bones, called “The Nazi on the Honeymoon,” it seems that this duo just cannot escape a case. Come on, it’s your honeymoon!

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Welcome to Buenos Aires

Booth and Brennan are hanging by the pool in lovely Buenos Aires, and they are styling some fabulous hats. While Booth relaxes with a beer, Brennan tries to appreciate the art of doing nothing. Bones decides to bring her new husband to a place that she visited last time she was in Buenos Aires– a morgue to see some fascinating remains. Once again, this is a honeymoon, people.

Dr. Letitia Perez, who runs the morgue, shows the newlyweds photos of the bodies of political dissidents who were shot and then burned. Brennan insults Dr. Perez because of the lack of technology at the morgue, while Perez counters that she is able to do the work of identifying victims without technology. Just as Booth is about to usher Bones out of the morgue, she spies a set of bones that she feels could not have come from the same location as the other remains. Brennan points out that the remains have black charring on them, so they were burned recently.

Meet the Inspector

Perez joins the couple as they meet with Inspector Raphael Valenza. The inspector is a big fan of Brennan’s books, and an even bigger fan of Booth’s character, Agent Andy. After a heated conversation in Spanish, it turns out that Brennan has offered to assist in the case, and offered her new husband’s help as well.

Angela and Brennan do a video chat, where Angela is surprised to see her friend vacationing in a morgue. Booth adds that he and Brennan just love working together, but I suspect he wants to solve this case in a serious hurry as beer and pool-side lounging await.

 A Fine Bromance

The victim is about 90 years old and caucasian. Dr. Perez says that her insect samples indicate that the victim was killed about a month ago and then placed in the mass grave. Meanwhile, Booth and Inspector Valenza continue their “bromance” by drinking at a local bar and reviewing security video of the grave site. A non-government Mercedes is seen near the grave site.

Booth gets a call from a rattled Sweets, who is concerned about how unhealthy it is to work on a case while on a honeymoon. Booth calms him down and then explains how he is “a national hero.” Booth then asks Sweets to run a check on Valenza because he doesn’t want to help anyone who is corrupt. 

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Baby Number Two?

Hodgins and Angela are staying at Booth and Brennan’s place, and Hodgins wants to sell Angela on the idea of another child. The idea loses some appeal when Christine and Michael take turns waking up all night. I wonder if the Bones team will soon expand?

A Secret Identity

Angela’s facial reconstruction of the victim yields a name — Miguel Eduardo Silva. Booth and Valenza go to Silva’s residence and meet his much younger wife, Bianca. The widow explains that she didn’t report her husband missing because he was often gone for weeks at a time. She is not sure what he was doing or where he was. She states that there are no bank accounts, as everything was paid for in cash, and that Silva’s Mercedes is missing.

Sweets lets Booth know that Valenza is clean and has been working against the cartels. Sweets is still suspicious of Booth’s new friend. Meanwhile, Hodgins determines that Silva’s body was burned over wood, and that gasoline was used as an accelerant. Clark discovers that the bones show signs of exposure to an ominous substance — Zyklon-B, which was used in concentration camps.

The Key to the Case

Booth and Valenza find out that the victim’s Mercedes was abandoned in the same rough part of town where Silva’s wife is from. Booth finds a key in the stripped car. He discovers that the key opens a door in Silva’s wine cellar, and finds a room filled with Nazi memorabilia.

Brennan and Dr. Perez arrive and find blood in the room, and drag marks and wooden splinters on the floor. Booth theorizes that a trunk or desk was dragged from the room after the blood was already dry. They also find a scrap of paper with the word “Melmer” on it.

Angela discovers that Silva was actually a Nazi named Herman Haupt, who sent millions to the gas chamber. As Dr. Perez and Brennan are examining the bones, Perez accidentally drops the skull. Yikes! Brennan graciously agrees to let Perez help her reconstruct the skull. Finally, these two are getting along.

Valenza and Booth meet with an expert in Nazi war criminals who was hoping to extradite Haupt. The elderly gentleman asks Booth to sign his Dr. Reichs novel. Booth really is a national hero in Argentina!

Follow the Gold

Haupt was assigned to the salt mine where stolen Nazi treasure was stored. The wood used in the crates are a match to the wood sample, and crates marked with the slip “Melmer” contained gold bars. The victim was killed by a blow to the head, and Brennan finds gold in the fracture.

Valenza calls a local pawn shop owner who bought Nazi gold and was selling it. He finally admits that he bought the gold from a beautiful woman.

And the Killer Is…

Bianca Silva is trying to flee when Booth and Valenza find her and a bag of money. She says that she didn’t kill her husband, but found the gold in the open wine cellar.

When Brennan shakes hands with Dr. Perez to say farewell, she discovers that Perez had an extra thumb that was removed as a child. It turns out that Dr. Perez is Herman Haupt’s granddaughter. Haupt brought Perez down to his wine cellar and showed her what she would inherit. Stunned and sickened that he is a Nazi criminal, she hits him over the head.

Booth brings his bride a cocktail in a skull glass. How awesome! All in all, Brennan and Booth enjoyed their working honeymoon, and I did, too.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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