The long awaited meeting between the Arrow and the Black Canary finally happened in “Crucible.” After Felicity figured out that she was following Laurel and not him, Oliver set a trap for her. It ended up being quite a surprising reunion, which will cause many complications for him.

Black Canary Revealed

Sara’s alive! It was one of the worst kept secrets of the television season, but the reveal that Sara Lance is the Black Canary was still an epic moment. The tempered surprise on Oliver’s face at first didn’t make sense, but a bigger secret was yet to be unveiled.

Even more shocking … Oliver knew she didn’t die on the Queen’s Gambit. What?!? Even Felicity and Diggle had a difficult time overcoming that secret and they’ve been pretty understanding about Oliver’s actions.

Even though Oliver and Sara were separated for years, they got along almost too well both in costume and out. While the specifics about where Sara has been and what she’s been doing are still unknown, it’s clear she’s been through similarly horrible situations as Oliver on the island.

She cared enough about her sister and father to check in on them after the earthquake, but didn’t want them to know she’s alive. Oliver called it — Did she really wish Oliver told them the truth? She misses her family, but also is afraid they won’t accept the person she’s become.

Oliver felt immense guilt for cheating on Laurel with Sara, would he consider hooking up with her again? They share a secret life and have a strong connection. It will be difficult for both of them to avoid the pull of shared loneliness.

If Sara continues to wander around town, baseball cap or not, she’ll eventually end up running into her father or sister. And, perhaps, that’s the best way — accidentally on purpose. Oliver’s willingness to take the anger and heat from them both for lying will make it all the more easy to do.

Given Laurel’s current troubles, I’m not sure if she’d welcome or reject Sara. She needs some good in her life and she could view Sara being alive as a positive reinforcement of life or feel further betrayed.

“The Crucible”

Blood’s story about the Crucible was fitting for many characters and for the city itself. When a person goes through a trial they either grow stronger and survive, they die, or they get used to the pain and stay in the fire.

Blood’s determined to make sure that the turmoil and troubles in the Glades don’t continue to the point that they became permanent and a new normal. It also fit Oliver’s situation on the boat and island and Sara’s predicament.

Have Oliver and Sara been through so much pain that they are used to it and can’t give it up? Are they still in the fire? That would explain why Sara doesn’t want to be reunited with her family. She doesn’t feel she deserves or could handle happiness.

They are survivors, but will they live? Or, burn in the fire?

Blood … What?

Alderman Blood has been making a name for himself in the Glades. He publicly wants to clean up the Glades and has been a thorn in Oliver’s side. Though, after holding a “Money for Guns” event and not taking credit for it, Blood softened to Oliver a bit.

When the man in the mask gave the green serum, I thought maybe it was the Count. No! The masked man was Blood! That was a disgusting and scary mask. I’m not sure what to make of it yet, but it proved that Blood’s not a noble leader.

Blood has at times come across a little power hungry despite his seemingly good intentions. And, there’s more to the story. He’s a vigilante and is working with the cop that stopped Laurel. 

Will Blood publicly befriend Oliver now, but secretly work underground to build his vigilante army? How long before Arrow realizes there’s this new vigilante underground force at work? It’s a battle to look forward to.

Odds and Ends

  • So, Isabel is actually the CEO of Queen Consolidated and not Oliver? Or, are they co-leaders? I wasn’t really clear on that, but she showed her power.
  • Laurel is crashing and fast! She needs help. I hope she gets it because a drunk and drugged Laurel won’t be much fun at all.
  • “The Mayor” wasn’t much of a villain, though he was lethal. He ended up being the perfect target for Arrow and Black Canary to team up to defeat. He wanted guns out of the Glades and she wanted Revenge for Sin.

Do you want Oliver and Sara to hook up and overcome their loneliness? Should Sara come clean to her sister and father? Is Laurel headed down a dark path?

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