Those weekly murders on Bones are not really the point of the show. Instead, viewers tune in weekly for some of the best and most-rewarding relationship drama on TV. We take a look at the many Bones relationships throughout the history of the show — including, of course, the new Booth-Brennan relationship going into season 7.

#21 Season 1: Booth and Tessa

The first relationship we saw for Booth was with a lawyer, Tessa Jankow. That one was ended by a vacation issue.

#20 Season 1: Brennan and Michael

This was more of a relationship-that-wasn’t. Although it looked like Brennan was set to pick up again with her former grad-school adviser, his opposition and treachery in a court case ended all vestiges of romance between the two.

#19 Season 1: Angela and Kirk

We never got to see Angela and Kirk in happy times, since the first mention of the guy came in “The Skull in the Desert.” Kirk was dead by then.

#18 Season 2: Booth and Cam

At some time in the distant past, Booth and Cam dated. They picked up again in season 2, after Cam arrived at the Jeffersonian, and kept up the relationship until Cam almost died. That ended things.

#17 Season 2: Booth and Brennan

For a brief moment, in the season 2 episode, “The Woman in the Sand,” viewers got a glimpse at the awesomeness of a Brennan-Booth relationship. Sure, they just pretended to be together in order to infiltrate an illegal fighting ring. But it was great anyway.

#16 Season 2: Angela and Hodgins

Thanks to a near-death experience at the hands of the Gravedigger, Hodgins and Angela began dating in season 2. The relationship quickly escalated into marriage, a plan only derailed by Angela’s prior marriage to a mysterious man in Fiji. The events surrounding that bigamy eventually led the couple to break up in the following season.

#15 Season 2: Booth and Rebecca

Although things had been hostile between Booth and his ex (their relationship had consisted only of parenting their child, Parker), the pair “reconnected” in bed for awhile. The detente didn’t last too long.

#14 Season 2: Brennan and Sully

It was probably a telling sign that Brennan’s longest-lasting Bones relationship was with Tim Sullivan — an FBI agent who greatly resembled Booth. Of course, he did sail off into the sunset. That wasn’t a Booth-like thing.

#13 Season 4: Angela and Roxie

In case you didn’t know that Angela was a free spirit.

#12 Season 4: Brennan and Jared

Brennan briefly considered dating the younger Booth brother upon his first arrival to DC. Fortunately, she quickly realized that he was the lesser choice.

#11 Season 4: Wanda and Buck Moosejaw

When they had to go undercover in a circus, Brennan and Booth assumed the personae of Wanda and Buck Moosejaw, married knife-throwers from Canada. Despite the garish costumes, the relationship totally worked.

#10 Season 4: Sweets and Daisy

After firing her (on behalf of Cam), Sweets began dating Daisy. They got pretty serious over the next couple of seasons. And then they broke up so Daisy could run off to Indonesia.

#9 Season 4: Booth and Brennan

At the end of season 4 (“The End in the Beginning”), Booth fell into a coma following brain surgery and had a vivid dream in which he and Brennan were a married couple. It was realistic enough to make the man fall in love.

#8 Season 5: Angela and Wendell

Thanks to a completed vow of celibacy and a pig donation, Angela fell for the adorable young Wendell in season 5. Alas, a pregnancy scare broke up those crazy kids.

#7 Season 5: Brennan and Agent Andrew Hacker

The relationship was never clearly defined, but Brennan’s dating of Booth’s boss, Andrew Hacker, was excellent at inciting controlled jealousy in Booth.

#6 Season 5: Angela and Hodgins, again

While there were a couple of hookups and a lot of friendship, Angela and Hodgins stayed apart until late in season 5. This all changed — for good — when the pair was arrested. Of course nothing but marriage could follow.

#5 Season 6: Booth and Hannah

A Brennan-spurned Booth returned from Afghanistan with a lovely new girlfriend, Hannah. Although the relationship progressed as far as a proposal, Hannah fortunately disappeared after that.

#4 Season 6: Cam and Paul

Because it’s TV and these things happen, Cam started dating her daughter’s gynecologist in season 6. He sort of faded away and therefore may or may not still be in the picture.

#3 Season 6: Sweets and Daisy, again

They may not have had much in common, but both Sweets and Daisy liked old TV shows and having sex. Thus, the relationship restarted.

#2 Season 6: Booth and Brennan

While viewers were never specifically told exactly what happened between Brennan and Booth on the night after Vincent Nigel-Murray’s death, obviously something did. That’s how you make a baby, after all.

#1 Season 7: Booth and Brennan

Thanks to Brennan’s pregnancy (and to whatever new intimacy created that pregnancy), she and Booth are starting out season 7 as a legitimate couple.

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