Now that Chuck is finally back on the air (no thanks to baseball…), fans are wondering just what is to come in the fifth and final season of their show. What will happen now that our heroes are spies-for-hire? Will Morgan make it as the new Intersect? How will it all end?

Chris Fedak, the co-creator and executive producer of Chuck, spoke to reporters about what we can all expect as the show goes into season 5.

While Chris Fedak was excellent at not revealing too many details about specific Chuck season 5 spoilers, he did let one rather interesting tidbit slip:

“By episode 5, we’re going to see Lester in prison.”

Make of that what you will…

What Will Happen to the Characters?
If you’re looking for reassurance that everything will turn out well for the beloved Chuck team, then you may not want to talk to Chris Fedak. The man is not very reassuring. Take the following statement, for example, made as a blanket declaration on the fate of Burbank’s greatest spies:

“Nobody’s safe.”

Other than that nonspecific and terrifying sentence, Chuck‘s executive producer did have a few tidbits about some of the show’s favorite characters.

In episode 8, we will meet Sarah’s mother (played by Cheryl Ladd) and her first CIA handler (played by Tim DeKay). Chris Fedak seemed particularly excited about the episode, teasing that “a lot of secrets about Sarah that you could have never imagined are back there.”

While apparently not a funny episode (Fedak described it as a trip to “epic-land”), Sarah-lovers should expect episode 8 to be “your favorite episode ever.”

Morgan and Chuck
Thanks to the Intersect and the many lifestyle changes of late, the Morgan-Chuck relationship will soon be put to the test in season 5. As Chris Fedak put it: “There’s a really big difference of what’s happening to Morgan” with the Intersect. Those differences will become very apparent over the next couple of episodes.

Ellie and Awesome
Will Ellie and Devon be moving on? It’s a possibility. As Fedak notes about the couple, “They’ve got big success in their future, and it’s time for them to start making decisions.”

Those hoping to see an upcoming Jeffster performance might need to wait awhile. According to Chris Fedak: “Their story is going to change in a very big way in the next couple episodes… There’s a lot of really crazy things happening there.”

Chuck and Sarah
Chris Fedak had little to say on the central couple of Chuck, other than this:

“The Chuck-Sarah story will be the story that you are talking about.”

Panicking About the End
Those who are worried about the ending in store for Chuck season 5 may be somewhat scared of what Fedak had to say about it. Apparently, the writers are just now working on episode 13 — the final episode of the series, barring a miraculous reprieve from NBC. Even Chris Fedak himself seems a lot a little worried about actually ending Chuck, describing thoughts on the episode as “a panic attack waiting for me every day.”

That “panic attack” is not even set in stone yet, since final decisions for the Chuck finale are yet to be made. According to Fedak, “It’s quite a thing to try to find that perfect ending. And we have quite a number of them now.”

Getting Excited About the End
Before you all start to panic, Chris Fedak made it sound like the ending of Chuck season 5 would be truly outstanding. There is a plan in place, and it is a big plan. Fedak noted: “That last episode, we’re really looking to blow it out in a way we never have before… It’s a really epic corner that we’re painting ourselves into.”

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The next episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit” will air on Friday, November 4 at 8pm on NBC.

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