In just one and a half seasons, The Vampire Diaries has already mixed and matched its characters into a plethora of romantic entanglements. Katherine and Elena have both been torn between the two Salvatores, Bonnie and Jeremy have gotten closer, Matt, Tyler and Caroline have started their own love triangle and there have been countless other relationships.

With the romantic energy bursting from every corner of Mystic Falls it’s shocking that there are still some untapped possible relationships, but I’ve found a few pairings the show hasn’t tried yet. Here are my top five new potential love stories for The Vampire Diaries.

Damon and Bonnie

These two have tried to kill each other a few times, but if I’ve learned anything from TV, it’s that attempted murder is just another way of saying “I like you.” At some point down the road, it seems inevitable that the vampire and the witch will stop trying to destroy one another long enough to fall into a highly volatile and awkward romance.
Stefan and Caroline

Sure, he’s meant to be with Elena, but throughout season 2 Stefan has spent quite a lot of time with Caroline, teaching her to be a good little vampire. Even though she currently has Matt and Tyler both coming after her, it’s only a matter of time before Caroline starts to develop feelings for Stefan.

Tyler and Katherine

Katherine has already romanced one Lockwood family werewolf, so why not another? That’s if she ever manages to get out of that darn Tomb. This could also pave the road for more confusing doppelganger wackiness, which is always welcome.

Jeremy and Caroline

I’ll admit that the only reason I started thinking about these two together was that it’s one of the few relationships left between main characters. But when I started to think about it, I realized that I love Jeremy and I love Caroline, so as unlikely as a relationship would be between them, it could also be the greatest and most hilariously weird romance the show could possibly have.

Tyler and Jenna

Tyler already proved that age is just a number to him when he hooked up with Matt’s mom, so why not make a move on Elena’s aunt? If he does it soon, he could also make TV history by getting involve in two love triangles as once, one with Caroline and Matt, the other with Alaric and Jenna. Now that he’s a werewolf, I’m sure he has a lot more stamina than he used to.

As wild as those suggestions are, I wouldn’t mind seeing any of them actually happen. Which new potential love match would you make on The Vampire Diaries?

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