Bones season 8 has been going strong, especially now that the good news has been released about season 9. Hart Hanson was on hand at the FOX party at TCA 2013 to discuss what it was like to get the news that the show was renewed, what some of his favorite dead bodies have been over the years, and more. 

“Doesn’t that sound like a lot of murders to you?”

Reflecting back on eight seasons, Hanson remarked, “Doesn’t that sound like a lot of murders to you?” adding, “Because I thought we’d only last till Christmas the first year. I thought six, eight murders, that’ll be it.”

Hanson also spoke about what it was like to get the news about the renewal and how their show is being viewed differently at the network. “We went from being ‘the little engine that could’ to ‘stable and dependable’ to all of a sudden this morning it was ‘flagship show of FOX.'” 

The news did change a few things in the writer’s room, but in a good way. Hanson said, “We knew if we weren’t picked up by now, we would be planning the end of the series – we’re part way along to that, just in case – so now we shove that aside and go for ‘plan A’ which is to end the season. We really knew we were going to get picked up around Christmas but it wasn’t official. You don’t trust anything until it’s official. Now we got to get to end of the season, not the end of the series.”

“The writer’s room; they love their dead bodies.”

Speaking of the writer’s room, Hanson also spoke about how much the writers enjoy coming up with all of the gross bodies seen on the series. “The writer’s room; they love their dead bodies. We have a couple coming up – how we get to make them funny I don’t know, but they’re funny. Because you don’t know they’re people, I guess. A lot of time, the people who are dead kind of deserve it, so we can laugh that they’re dead.”

When asked about his favorite dead body on the show, Hanson said, “I have a few. The first one I thought was just horribly disgusting was: there was just the cap of the skull in the bathtub, and there was nothing else left. I’ll tell you one that we did that I wince at now and wish we’d never done. It was the first time we were on after American Idol, and the Gravedigger had her head blown off. She was standing beside Sweets and I thought ‘oh that’s not what we do.’ Sweets got blood all over him, and all the little kids had just watch the dancing competition. It was within the first two minutes and I thought, ‘oh this is a bad idea.’ I wonder how viewers we lost [that night]. I wanted to say ‘we’re not always like this!'”

Sounds like Hanson and the rest of the writers are going to have a great time coming up with even more ways to gross out fans now that they’ve got a new season. Got any favorite disgusting bodies from the show you with to share? What are you hoping we’ll see in Bones season 9?

Bones airs on Monday nights at 8pm on FOX. 

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV