Pearson Hardman is bleeding after the battle with Hardman and the sharks are circling in the aptly titled “Blood in the Water.” As has become the norm, Suits has topped itself once again. 

This is no normal legal show. The characters are so dynamic that it’s impossible not to care about them even when they are in the wrong or irritating. Anyone who didn’t feel for Louis during this hour must not have a heart.

For the first time in the series, Harvey was out of line and unlikable at times. He’s pushed that boundary before, but never quite gone over the line. His heart was broken, Mike disappointed him, Louis was … Louis, and his career was threatened.

If we’ve learned anything about Harvey, it’s that he doesn’t like to lose. The idea of one client leaving is not comprehendible to him let alone multiple clients. As Jessica noted, Harvey was off his game.

The parallels between Harvey’s relationship with Mike and his with Jessica was undeniable. Both bosses actually said, “Your job is to help me.” Harvey’s name isn’t on the door, even if he often forgets it. And, Mike is still an associate, even if Harvey gives him a lot of leeway. 

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Now that the firm is in trouble, they have to stick together. Harvey was selfish when he went after Louis, but he also did believe it was in Jessica’s best interest. And, even though it wasn’t his place to ostracize Louis, his feelings were real and shouldn’t be discounted.

Louis did betray Harvey’s trust and act against both him and the firm, so it made sense to blame the leak to Allison Holt on him as well. It’s just Louis didn’t do it this time. Harvey’s anger was palpable.  

Louis’s reaction to leave the firm after Harvey’s outburst was understandable. No one wants to work in a toxic environment. And, if Louis stayed he would have been in fear of any confrontation with Harvey. He was even willing to give up a Senior Partner title to go to another firm — his prized accomplishment.

When Louis went to see Jessica, I thought maybe her request that he stay would sway him, especially when she explained her “Louis Litt Rehabilitation Program.” She understood why Louis sided with and was enamored by Hardman. She had been there. Such an honest and touching moment.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to change Louis’s mind. Even if Jessica wanted him, the “Harvey problem” still existed. The saving grace for Louis was Mike getting beat up, which is hilarious. As a final farewell to the firm, Louis helped Mike save a client and from ultimately going to his “new” firm. Loyalty.

With that gesture and Jessica’s lashing, Harvey gave Louis what he needed. The final scene of “Blood in the Water” was extremely moving and there wasn’t a single word spoken.

With a single paper tear, Louis was back where he belonged. As he had earlier said, “Pearson Hardman is my life.” He no longer had to give up what he loved most.

Check out some of the best lines from “Blood in the Water” below. As always, the writing is superb on Suits.

Was Harvey wrong to attack Louis? Is he ready to be a named partner? Was Jessica correct when she told Harvey he wasn’t a leader, but a closer? Will Rachel let Mike back into her life?

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