As Glee returns from its holiday break, a little-known musician is criticizing the show for stealing a song arrangement of his. A few cast members are teasing upcoming storylines, including the return of Santana. And Naya Rivera, Darren Criss and Amber Riley performed at an inauguration event for children in military families.

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Is Glee Taking Credit for “Baby Got Back” Cover?

There have been scandals galore lately. Lance Armstrong’s doping confession. Beyonce-Gate, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feuding on American Idol. So why not bring Glee into the mix? The NYADA Glee Club will be performing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” during tonight’s “Sadie Hawkins” episode. Glee‘s cover has been available online for the past several days. And musician Jonathan Coulton sent out a series of tweets revealing that the arrangement is his, but he never received credit for it:

“Hey look, @GLEEonFOX ripped off my cover of Baby Got Back: Never even contacted me. Classy.”

“After listening, I think that @GLEEonFOX may have even used parts of my recording. Do I hear a duck quack? And of course they say ‘Johnny C'”

“Any audio maestros want to investigate if the actual AUDIO is the same (aside from the vocals)? Sounds like it, but I need science.”

This isn’t the first time Glee has done something like this. Last year, they performed Greg Laswell’s version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” without contacting him first for permission. He eventually came around and was grateful for more people being exposed to his music. Maybe the same will happen with Coulton?

You may ask, does it matter if he’s been given credit when it isn’t his song to begin with? It depends. He may not own the song, but the US Copyright Office has this rule: “The copyright of a derivative work covers … the additions, changes, or other new material appearing for the first time in the work.” But according to Slate, “If Coulton did not request and receive permission to create a ‘derivative work’ in addition to obtaining the compulsory license necessary to merely cover the song, the ‘added material’ of his arrangement would not be protected under that provision, and Glee would probably be legally in the clear.” It is unknown at this point if the musician obtained both or just one, but he already has lawyers lined up to investigate the issue.

Santana Returns for “Diva” Episode and Other Spoilers

Coming up on February 7 is the “Diva” episode, and will see the return of Santana. Naya Rivera told TV Guide, “I’m in the diva episode just because I guess Santana is a diva.” No, Ryan Murphy wouldn’t bring back a cast member for pretty much no reason at all. (Sarcasm fully intended.) Maybe she’s coming back for this storyline: “They want her to do a topless scene for the student film,” reveals Lea Michele, “so that’s the question — she doesn’t know if she can do it or not. [Santana and Quinn] come and visit in an effort to help her with her confliction about the topless scene. … They’re trying to help her to remind her of who she is a little bit.”

Santana aside, what can we expect from the music in this episode? Kevin McHale says there are “very big numbers,” with Tina having a standout performance. Lea confirms that “There is another Rachel and Kurt diva-off. It’s another Broadway song.” Any predictions?

Here’s one last teaser for us to ponder over. In an upcoming episode, Puck returns to his hometown. Melissa Benoist teases, “He’s actually doing a lot of scenes with someone people will be very surprised that he’s doing scenes with.” And it’s “somewhat romantic” in nature. Your guess is as good as mine.

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Glee Cast Members Perform at Inauguration Event

Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor received the most attention for their Inauguration Day performances, mainly because they were featured during the swearing-in ceremony. But there were many other events going on in Washington, DC, that day and weekend to celebrate the start of President Obama’s second term. Two days before, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a Kids’ Inaugural Concert for children in military families. Those children were treated to performances by a few Glee cast members: Naya Rivera, Darren Criss and Amber Riley.

Naya and Darren teamed up for an acoustic rendition of “Valerie,” the same song she covered during season 2. Amber Riley took center stage to revive the Christina Aguilera hit “Beautiful” from season 1. (And take a look at her new hair style.) Finally, Darren took to the piano with an original song called “Not Alone,” with help from the Soul Children of Chicago Choir.

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