Ever since Zack Addy was admitted to a psychiatric institution after it was revealed that he was Gormogon’s apprentice, the Jeffersonian was never the same. Fortunately, Dr. Brennan got by with the help of Wendell Bray, Clark Edison, Colin Fisher, Vincent Nigel-Murray, Arastoo Vaziri and Daisy Wick, also known as the six revolving assistants that serve as Zack’s replacement.

Though most Bones fans are still hoping for Zack’s return, the fact is there are no plans to bring him back so we just have to settle on the next best thing. We asked our readers and ¬†Facebook followers to name Brennan’s best assistant and here are the results:

Showdown Results:

Top 1 – Zack

Top 2 – Wendell

Top 3 – Vincent

Top 4 РColin 

Top 5 – Clark

Top 6 – Arastoo

Top 7 – Daisy

Norman J Miller: Wendell has best chemistry, but Mr. Nigel-Murray has better skill set and fits the quirky personality that fits the team.

Angela Lloyd: Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray where it pertains to the “rotating assistants.” However, none of them can ever come close to being the best as Dr. Zack Addy.

John Butler: Clark is the best assistant as he is a doctor, but Wendell is the best student!

Maryanne Montesano: I think Wendell has the best chemistry of them all. I hope they make him permanent.

Do you agree with the rankings? Who do you consider Brennan’s best assistant after Zack Addy?

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Dean Bextor

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