As we anxiously await the premiere of Bones season 7, there are many questions demanding answers. What will the relationship between Booth and Brennan be like? Will we ever see them in bed together (as we know they must have been, at least once)? Will there be any sort of crossover between Bones and its spinoff, The Finder.

We have some answers for you.

The Relationship Between Brennan and Booth
If you’re looking for an intimate relationship between Bones‘ stars in season 7, you’ll probably be happy. But if you’re looking for passionate make-out sessions and time beneath the sheets, you may be a little disappointed.

In an interview with TVLine, Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan made it pretty clear that there will not be much in the way of explicit physicality between Brennan and Booth: “You don’t need to see that on FOX. That’s health class in junior high.”

(Apparently Nathan is not taking into account the fact that no adolescent sex-ed classes ever included two people as sexy as Booth and Brennan and therefore that audiences would want to see some action. But whatever.)

What will we get instead of lovemaking? Maybe some open displays of love. Stephen Nathan says: “They’re so at ease with each other… [The relationship] is better than I ever thought it would be, and I thought it would be good.”

Whatever the relationship, we can at least be sure of a continuation of the pleasant bickering that has long characterized their relationship.

Check out the continued bickering in videos of Bones season 7 scenes: here and here.

Sweets Visits The Finder
Thanks to Emily Deschanel‘s maternity-forced absence from Bones, that show will have an extended hiatus this winter. How will the other Bones stars fill their time? In one case, at least, there will be a visit to the new Bones spinoff, The Finder.
According to a report from Give Me My Remote, resident Bones psychologist Lance Sweets (played by John Francis Daley) will pay a visit to The Finder for that show’s fifth episode.

What exactly will Sweets be doing? Considering his job, we can expect some sort of psychological evaluation, most likely of the super-paranoid Finder hero, Walter.

Further proof of John Francis Daley on the set of The Finder emerged when producer Dan Sackheim tweeted the following photo:

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Bones season 7 will debut on Thursday, November 3.

(Images courtesy of FOX and Dan Sackheim, via Twitter)

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