Jefferson Pierce’s secret identity may be exposed on Black Lightning. In the next episode, “Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion,” Jefferson is arrested by the Freeland police under suspicion that he is the vigilante Black Lightning.

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Will his secret get out? Or will Anissa be able to team up with Gambi to convince people that the local high school principal isn’t also a superhero? It feels a bit like the early days of Arrow.

The episode will also put more focus on Detective Henderson, who may be Jefferson’s only hope as he seems to be the lone member of the police department who isn’t corrupt.

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Check out these photos and the trailer for this episode of Black Lightning.

Thunder on the Streets

BLK111A_0090b.jpgJennifer and Her Mom

BLK111B_0016b.jpgA Pierce Family Hug

BLK111B_0231b.jpgDetective Henderson

BLK111C_0001b.jpgHenderson vs. the Corrupt Deputy Chief


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