‘Empire’ Spring Premiere Recap: Misery Loves Company

  • Mar 28, 2018
  • Buddy TV

On the season 4 spring premiere of Empire, entitled “Birds in the Cage,” Lucious is missing, Becky has concerns over her future, Jamal is emotionally wrecked after killing Angelo in self-defense and Andre remains hospitalized after a psychotic break caused by psychotropic drugs prescribed by the doctor hired by Ms. DuBois.

The Lyons family finally realize that despite all their issues they need each other to survive. After seeing video tape of Claudia wheeling Lucious/Dwight from Andre’s hospital room Thirsty tracks down a former co-worker of Claudia’s in an effort to find Lucious and get answers about the good therapist. It turns out she has a history of becoming too attached to her patients and has crossed the line.

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Claudia Kidnaps Lucious In a Desperate ‘Misery’ Inspired Plot

After the red wedding during the winter finale, Lucious goes to see Andre at the hospital and vows revenge on whoever helped put him in this state. Claudia sneaks into the hospital, drugs Dwight/Lucious and whisks him away to a secluded cabin in the woods.

Claudia tries to coax Dwight out of Lucious’ subconscious but it’s clear that Lucious is firmly in control again. She tells him how much she loves him and how deep the connection they share is. Seeing a possible opportunity to escape, he pretends to become Dwight and draws her in for a kiss. They argue and a tussle ensues. She burns her shoulder blade on the stove trying to escape his grasp after he begins choking her. The wound to nurse Misery’s pride after hearing Lucious say that Cookie is his only muse appears to cause her more pain than the burn on her shoulder. 

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Jamal Is Having a Hard Time Regrouping After Killing Angelo

Hakeem goes to check to see how Jamal is doing after he’s released from jail. Though Jamal is brooding, he isn’t using drugs or drinking. Still, taking Angelo’s life has shaken him to his core. For once Hakeem is the voice of reason. He convinces Jamal to get out the house for a little while and take a ride with him.

Andre, Jamal and Hakeem Bond 

Hakeem takes Jamal to see Andre in the hospital. Andre is still recuperating from the cocktail he was given by the psychiatrist hired by Mrs. DuBois. The doctor replaced Dre’s biopolar medication with a cocktail to help increase his paranoia, hallucinations and delusions. Andre tells Jamal that he doesn’t have to face his struggles alone. Jamal chimes in. The heirs to the empire embrace and vow to have each other’s back. But for how long? Will Jamal and Hakeem still feel such brotherly loyalty to their big brother when they find out his plan with Shyne is responsible for their father’s accident?

Becky Is Pregnant

Porsha and Becky bond after Becky shares her possible pregnancy news with Porsha. Once Porsha sees the collection of used home pregnancy tests, she tells Becky with that many tests taken, the results can’t be wrong, but everything will work out. Most importantly, she tells Becky that whatever happens, she won’t be alone in the process.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble 

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When Cookie arrives, Claudia threatens to kill her if Lucious tips her off in any way. With Claudia watching them from across the room, Lucious says all the right things to get Cookie to leave. For good measure, he throws in a few extra insults to satisfy his kidnapper. Unfortunately for Claudia, the insults are a coded message meant to alert Cookie. She leaves in a huff but starts thinking of the words and the melody Papa Lyons was playing during their exchange at the cabin. She quickly realizes that Lucious’ mouth was saying one thing but he was giving her clues through the music he was playing on the piano. She turns the car around and goes back to the cabin to rescue Luscious.

After hearing of Juliana and Angelo’s death, Claudia realizes that trying to come between the Lyons might not have been a good idea. She quickly surmises that anyone that thinks they can spend their life with Cookie or Lucious ends up six feet under. Cookie tells Claudia that she loves all of Lucious, even the choir boy Dwight. 

While chained to a table without any weapons, Cookie drives her point home by telling Claudia that she isn’t leaving without her man. This is one of those record scratch moments. (Cookie Lyons, do not threaten the deranged woman wielding a sharp butcher knife while you and Lucious are defenseless!) But no matter what, Cookie is going to Cookie. 

“Nurse Misery” plays the victim again. She blames Cookie and everyone else for coming between her and Dwight. When her co-worker arrives, the doctor tries to force her way into the cabin. When Lucious has the chance to kill Claudia, he decides to let her live. 

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As they lead her to the police car, Claudia glances over her shoulder with a smug look. From the look on her face it’s pretty clear Empire fans haven’t seen the last of Claudia. Clearly, she’s convinced herself she is Lucious’ soulmate. You can almost hear the little voice in her mind convincing her Dwight’s love for her stopped Lucious from killing her. In reality, it was his love for Cookie that stopped him from burying the axe in her skull. The Lyons have spent more time apart than they have together for various reasons. Maybe finally they’ll have a chance together.

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