In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “The Powers That Be,” Magnus and Alec set off to investigate a disturbance in warlock magic that could be rooted in a deep, deep demonic origin. While they set out to save magic, Clary, Jace, Maya and Simon accidentally embark on a very awkward group date.

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Alec and Magnus Battle an Unknown Demonic Force

Magnus and Alec attend a warlock party so that Magnus can pass the baton to the next high warlock of New York City, Lorenzo. While at the party, the warlocks and all their magic are disrupted due to some unknown disturbance. Magnus is visited by his successor to question him as to why Magnus was the only warlock that was able to perform a successful spell at the party. However, it does come to light that the spell cast was one of questionable demonic origin. The spell originated from Magnus’ past with the prince of hell, Asmodeus, who just so happens to be his father.

By using corrupted landlines, Magnus hopes to track down his father by sneaking into Lorenzo’s mansion. Being a trojan horse, Alec goes to Lorenzo’s mansion to try and convince him that he is on his side just so that he can sneak Magnus in to examine the landlines. After a close examination, Magnus deduces that it isn’t Asmodeus behind the disturbance, but rather another mysterious demonic force. Alec wants to use the angelic core to flush out all of the bad magic energy from the landlines in order to stop this demonic corruption. However, the rest of the institute is harshly against the interference of shadowhunters in the warlock business. 

Begrudgingly, it is agreed upon that the core will be used to help not only the warlocks but everyone else as well, since the demonic presence seems to be increasing its reach. Magnus begins his spell but, shortly after, is stopped by retaliation from others inside the institute. As Magnus’ spell begins to go haywire, Lilith’s blood sacrifice spell, which is the root of the magical disruption, almost comes to fruition but not before Alec can flip the fail-safe that allows Magnus to finish his spell and cleanse the ley lines.

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An Awkward and Mundane Group Date

Clary and Jace agree to go on their first date. By enlisting help from both Isabelle and Simon, Jace takes Clary to a fancy mundane dinner to try and giver her a semblance of normalcy. Due to a lack of a reservation, Jace and Clary are forced to sit at a communal table right next to Maya and Simon. Though it starts off rocky and awkward, eventually the dinner turns into a group date, with each getting to know the other just a little bit more. The awkwardness returns quickly when it finally comes to light that Maya and Jace have previously slept together.

After dinner, the bomb of their past sexual indiscretion brings up unresolved feelings between Jace and Clary and their lack of a physical connection. This prompts an emotional declaration of love from Jace to Clary, telling her that she is the one he’s been waiting for all his life. Though Jace is fully in love with Clary, his nightmares still plague him and stop him from fully embracing Clary.

Were you curious as to the true power behind Simon’s mark from the Seelie Queen? Did you find it funny that a romantic night out ended up as an awkward group date? Do you have any idea what Lilith’s plan could be? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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