After this weeks exciting 24, everybody’s hearts are in their throats over both the nuke in the air, and the one aimed at the middle east.  Will the secret of CTU’s leak be revealed, could Nadia be guilty?  Typical 24 far ensues as Jack races against the clock to keep America safe.  Can’t wait to find out what happens?  You don’t have to.  Just click on for some super secret 24 spoilers.

We’re not going to spoil the entire episode for you, because that just wouldn’t be fair, but here are some of the hot points from next Monday’s action courtesy of Kuja at 24Blog.

Last week we saw Jack on his way to stop the drone pilot, who was conveniently a few blocks from CTU.  Well, stop him he does.  Stops him dead!  Jack tries to get some info on the remaining nukes but the guy dies before he can give any information that will help CTU.  Good 24 minion!  Well done!

Bill puts the pressure on Jack.  he needs to find the nukes within an hour or the vice president is going to launch a nuke on Fayed’s country.  Of course that hour expires in episode sixteen. 

We meet Brady and Hauser in this episode.  Hauser is just your average terrorist assisting sloth.  His brother, Brady, on the other hand is an autistic savant with super duper hacking capabilities.  Seems Hauser has been exploiting his brother’s talents to sell access to CTU to the highest bidder.  So it looks like our girl Nadia is innocent.

Your going to get the sense that Doyle is not a good person in this episode.  Basically it will have something to do with Doyle sitting on evidence that could clear Nadia.  Milo will be mightily PO’d over this, but it will be revealed that they were just being careful about the evidences authenticity.  Hmm, why do I sense a Nadia / Milo love connection here?

So the overlap of ‘find the nukes or we start World War Three’ will definitely be a killer bleed over for 24 fans.  Now not only the safety of America, but the world rests on Jack Bauer’s shoulders. Oh well, he’s up for it.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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