Last week, for the first time ever on Big Brother 15, the Power of Veto was not used and the nominations stayed the same. So was it not used again?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Elissa won the Power of Veto. She saved herself. Spencer is the replacement nominee.

Goodbye, Helen. Which is disappointing, because over the weekend there was a lot of talk about possibly trying to save her or backdoor Amanda.

It started because Amanda is incapable of subtlety or finesse and had no problem telling Helen that she is going home this week. It’s the same cocky, overconfident nonsense she pulls every week. Helen tries to rally Aaryn and GinaMarie to help her, explaining that it’s obvious Amanda and McCrae are trying to get the other two duos in the house (Aaryn/GM and Helen/Elissa) to take each other out. This is completely true.

After Aaryn and Amanda got into a fight, Aaryn (with the help of some wine) started to actually plot against Amanda. She even told Helen that Andy is NOT loyal to her and Elissa. Thank God, although, really, Helen should’ve seen that already.

However, Aaryn still tried to get Andy on board with this plan, only to have Andy run and tell everyone else as he always does. The plot to backdoor Amanda was quickly squashed when Amanda apologized to Aaryn and Spencer vowed that he would vote to keep Amanda if she were the replacement nominee, thus making it so Aaryn wouldn’t have the votes to get rid of Amanda.

The worst part for Aaryn is that the mere act of considering going after Amanda has made her an even bigger target, and because Andy is the rattiest rat in the history of the game, Amanda knows everything.

UPDATE: After the ceremony, it seems Aaryn has finally realized (with help from the diary room) that she’s been doing what’s best for Amanda and McCrae’s games and not her own. In addition, Helen has campaigned HEAVILY to Andy, saying she has GM and Elissa, so he is the deciding vote. She explained that she wants good people to win, not people like Evel Dick (aka Amanda), and basically guilted him into it by saying that if he votes against her, America will hate him and it will look like a betrayal. This is some Grade-A emotional manipulation.

So now I guess there’s a chance for Helen, if she can get Andy to turn on McCranda and side with the new unlikely alliance of Aaryn, GM, Helen and Elissa.

The Most Nominations Ever

Perhaps the most interesting part of this week is that it makes the sixth time Spencer has been nominated, which ties the all-time record for most nominations.

In the past, only three other HGs were nominated six times: season 14’s Frank Eudy, season 9’s Sharon Obermueller and season 3’s Amy Crews (though she was actually evicted and brought back into the game).

Technically, you might consider four other HGs to have six “nominations.” Season 7’s Erika Landin and season 6’s Janelle Pierzina were both nominated five times, but they also made it to the Final 3 and lost the last HoH, thus making them “nominees” for a sixth time. Way back in season 1, when America voted to decide who stayed and went each week, runner-up Curtis Kin faced the public vote six times. And in season 14, Danielle Murphree lost the Final 3 HoH, was on the losing team in the first HoH competition and was also nominated four other times, thus giving her six “nominations.”

Even more impressive is that this will make the fifth time Spencer will actually have to face an eviction vote, also a record. If he survives, he will join an elite group of people who have actually been eligible for eviction five times, yet never lost.

Season 14’s Danielle did it, as she was up against Jodi and Kara on the first night, and then survived against JoJo, Britney, Joe and Jenn during the season.

Season 9’s Sharon did it, having beaten Crazy James, Chelsia, Joshuah, Natalie and Crazy James again.

Season 7’s Erika did it, staying against Diane, Marcellas, Howie, Will and Janelle.

And in season 1, Curtis survived five public votes, while winner Eddie McGee also faced five public votes and came out victorious every time.

In the history of Big Brother, no one has ever been nominated seven times. So if Spencer beats Helen (which he probably will) and goes on the block again, he can officially declare himself the Ultimate Pawn.

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