Bryan Ollie and April Dowling will always be remembered for hooking up on Big Brother 10. In fact, they added a whole new level to word “showmance” by having sex almost every single day. At one point, they had “make-up sex” after a lovers’ spat and while Ollie pulled some sheets to cover them, you can still get an idea of what these two are doing under, especially when the blankets fell off. What’s more, April revealed she wants sex in the morning and night time and declared that Ollie’s the best sex she’s ever had.

Big Brother: April and Ollie Still A Couple, It Appears

Like most couples that forged their relationship in front of the cameras, April and Ollie also hoped to continue their affair outside the walls of the Big Brother house. Unfortunately, not every reality TV couple has managed to withstand the pressures of the real world. Ollie and April, on the other hand, appear to have remained an item.

I’ve stumbled upon an article on saying, “According to this picture, April and Ollie are still an item, and I have to admit I’m surprised. I thought it was a definite showmance. I also didn’t think his preacher father was going to look too kindly on their in-house sex that was shown regularly on the live feeds. But here they are, bowling with the oddest romance to come out of season 8, Jen and Nick.”

Many have raised their eyebrows on the relationship of April, a financial manager at a car dealership, and Ollie, the son of a Pentecostal preacher who works as a marketing sales representative from Minneapolis, Minnesota. But seeing these two still together several months after Big Brother 10 came to end has made some people rethink their impression of the happy reality TV couple. The again, the two months that have passed isn’t really enough to determine the future of the relationship.


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