As hinted before, The Real World: Brooklyn will consist of a cast of colorful personalities.  At the time, details about the participants were scarce but intriguing enough to get fans excited about the 21st season, especially since it will reportedly include The Real World‘s first transgender contestant.  Now, more information has been revealed as MTV announces the eight roommates who will live in one house and go through the self-discovery process together.

Read on to meet the cast of The Real World: Brooklyn.

Baya – Raised by hippie parents, this 21-year-old DJ is described as a friendly and optimistic person who has a deep passion for the hip-hop culture.  Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, she dedicates her time to social and environmental causes while pursuing to become a professional hip-hop dancer.

Chet – Also coming from Salt Lake City, Chet is a 23-year-old frat boy who just recently became single.  He is one of 10 children in a devoted Mormon family and claims that he won’t do anything to compromise his firm beliefs.  This means no alcohol and no premarital sex. He’s current dream is become a television host.

Devyn – Living by the quote: “It is easier to get into Heaven than into Devyn,” Devyn is described as a major tease and claims her flirtatious behavior allows her to get what she wants without having to give up anything, especially sex.  This 20-year-old beauty queen from Kansas City, Missouri aspires to be part of the entertainment industry.

J.D. – Despite his rough childhood, J.D. never lost hope in achieving his dream to become a dolphin trainer.  Hailing from Miami Beach, Florida, this 22-year-old marine enthusiast continues to live wholeheartedly by the motto “work hard, to play hard.”

Katelynn – A native of West Palm Beach, Katelynn started the slow transgender process by starting to dress in more feminine clothing in high school and by the age of 17, she began living as a woman.  This 24-year-old self-proclaimed computer geek just completed her transformation through surgery in Thailand and now hopes to one day marry her current boyfriend, Mike.

Ryan – Currently in his first relationship ever, 23-year-old Ryan from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is considered a class clown who divides his time between amateur filmmaking, guitar playing and scheming his next prank.

Sarah – An artist at heart, 22-year-old Sarah from San Francisco, California has dedicated herself to educating and advocating for sexually-abused men and women through art and creative therapy, following her traumatic past.  She is currently dating a guy she met on a set-up through her mother. Until now, most of Sarah’s relationships have been with women.

Scott – An accomplished personal trainer, 23-year-old Scott from Salem, New Hampshire has created his own fitness website to educate the public on health and fitness while pursuing his new passions, including acting and modeling.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV
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Kris De Leon

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