Big Brother 10 is weeks away from its premiere.  There are no fans like Big Brother fans, and CBS has obliged them once again: Big Brother After Dark is back for its third season on ShoToo, the Showtime affiliate.  The nightly, three-hour broadcast is a essentially a live-feed from the Big Brother house, unedited.  Nudity, profanity, heavy alcohol consumption – it’s all there.  The level of excitement of inside the Big Brother house has everything to do with the cast, of course, and the same thing applies for Big Brother: After Dark.  As fans who watch the live internet feeds know, the house guests like to dress up and put on a show during the After Dark hours, knowing that the viewing audience will be larger (and they’re going to be on TV).  There tends to be a lot of drinking. 

Big Brother: After Dark can now be found on the Showtime on line schedule, essentially confirming what all Big Brother fans had hoped for.  The series will again air from 12am ET/9pm PT until 3am ET/12am PT.  The only problem for many fans is that they don’t receive Showtime or ShoToo.  If a Big Brother fan is going to make an investment for Big Brother watching outside of the network broadcasts, then the live internet feeds are generally the option of choice. 

Personally, I do not have Showtime, so I’ve only seen After Dark a couple of times.  It’s a strangely intoxicating piece of television that I’d probably watch more often then I’d really like to if it were available to me.  Interestingly, CBS has subtly tailored their casting in recent seasons to take advantage of After Dark, placing contestants prone to nudity and debauchery inside the house.  In all likelihood, this practice will continue in the upcoming season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RealityBBQ
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV