Let’s just break it down. Let’s put it out there. Let’s get real. On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, DeAnna wasn’t upset at the picnic because nobody was paying attention to her. DeAnna was upset at the picnic because Graham wasn’t paying attention to her. She could have cared less if Fred or Robert or Twilley or Brian were talking to her at all. Jeremy and Jason did put out an effort to engage her but because Graham was all aloof in the corner, DeAnna pitched a fitch, told the guys it “hurt her heart” that nobody wanted to talk to her, and stomped back up to her mansion.

Let me backtrack. Earlier in the episode, DeAnna had taken a group of guys out on a date, Graham included, to the race track. When she pulled him aside for some one on one time, she asked for a kiss and he politely turned her down. He felt awkward with the other guys watching and was having a hard time opening up to her in the situation they were in. You would’ve thought Graham coldheartedly dumped her. DeAnna sulked, teared up, and got angry at the very idea that Graham wouldn’t just honor her every request.

Here’s what I wouldn’t want. I wouldn’t want to go somewhere and have 9 guys stare at me and hang on my every word. It’s weird. If I’m out with my guy friends or on a date and he talks to someone else, I don’t stomp back to my house. I allow him to socialize with other people, like any other normal human being would. DeAnna can’t seem to handle that anyone would want to do anything other than watch her sip an iced tea or adjust her clothing or watch paint dry. Especially Graham. You can’t blame the guy for being guarded but apparently, DeAnna can. She said she was Greek but I think she’s got a little Italian in her too. She’s perfected the guilt card. My mother would be so proud.

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– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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