One of the cool things about Lost is the cast’s anonymity.  Aside from Matthew Fox, the main cast is pretty much exclusively associated with Lost.  They don’t have a recognizable public persona.  The stars stay out of the limelight, and as a result the audience can’t separate the actors from the characters.  This helps the audience get completely immersed in the Lost story.  This being the case, it can be a tad jarring when you see an interview with a cast member and they say something unexpected.  Naveen Andrews, who I can’t ever remember seeing in anything out-of-character, recently conducted an interview with a British on line publication, and he’s surprisingly candid about Lost’s past, present and future. 

You can check out the entire interview here, but here are the main points:

He loved the finale, thought it was the closest they came to the “excellence” of season one.

He thought season 3 was a poor season, and the writing was at fault, but it wasn’t the writers’ fault.  If that makes sense.  He blamed the lack of an end date, and agrees that the writing improved when they got the end date. 

He likes the fast forwards, but is blunt in saying that he is told literally nothing about Future Sayid and how the character got to where he is.  Preparing to play those future scenes are, therefore, tough. 

He was disappointed too with the fact that Harold Perrineau only returned for a brief amount of time. 

He hasn’t watched an episode of Lost since the pilot. 

He wants to know about the four-toed statue. 

He likes to drop f-bombs. 

Although it may read like Naveen is being quite critical of the series in some places, I find it endearing.  He’s just being honest, and I believe that he wouldn’t have such pointed opinions if he didn’t care deeply about the series.  Naveen seems like a cool guy, and he’s clearly a good actor.  Season 3 has received a lot of flack from fans, but when I re-watched that season on DVD last December, I really enjoyed myself.  The first few episodes weren’t exemplary, but the run of episodes to end the season were spectacular, culminating in a brilliant finale.

Also, I refuse to buy the fact that Andrews hasn’t watched an episode since the pilot.  How could you resist, as an actor?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Digital Spy
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Oscar Dahl

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