The Hogan family is in a weird place.  Nick Hogan is currently serving time for vehicular assault.  Hulk Hogan, in the aftermath of his divorce from wife Linda, is dating a younger woman who looks exactly like his daughter Brooke.  The newly single Linda wasn’t just going to lurk in the shadows and let her ex-husband steal her thunder, however.  Linda saw Hulk’s Brooke look-a-like girlfriend, and raised him a teenage beau.  Yes, Linda Hogan is now, apparently, dating a 19-year-old kid.  Linda is almost 30 years older than her new boyfriend.  But, that’s not the weirdest thing.  Look at that picture.  Doesn’t Linda’s new man look eerily similar to a young Hulk Hogan?

His name is Charlie Hill and, according to daughter Brooke, went to school with her and Nick.  In fact, he was in the grade right between the two kids.  Which means, of course, that Linda is now dating a man who is younger than her daughter.  Now, I’m no psychiatrist, but this can’t be good for anyone, right?  Linda Hogan, I guess, is something of a catch (a consummate “cougar,” if you will, even though I hate that word).  Why not just go for some dude in his 20s, or early 30s?  If you want to make a splash with someone way younger than you are, can’t you just settle for a 20 year age difference?

It seems like just yesterday that the Hogan Knows Best family was happy and living as a unit.  Brooke is filming a spin-off of the reality series, to be titled Brooke Knows Best.  At first glance, Brooke Knows Best wasn’t much to get excited about, but maybe all this family strife will inject some interesting conflict into the series.  Brooke Knows Best will premiere July 13 at 10pm on VH1.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: E Online
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Oscar Dahl

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