This is a funny picture, is it not?  Joshuah is fast becoming my favorite houseguest on Big Brother 9, just because he’s a funny dude.  He’s kind of the perfect reality TV contestant.  He’s funny, outgoing, willing to call people out, emotionally imbalanced, and prone to fits of rage.  What else could you ask for in a Big Brother house guest?  Unfortunately, he may be evicted this week.  Josh and James are the two nominated house guests this week on Big Brother.  Will one of them be able to win tonight’s Big Brother Power of Veto?  I’ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates as the episode goes along.

Big Brother 9: Week 8 Power of Veto, Live Thoughts

James is pretty distraught and bitter at being up on the block.  He says he’s on a distant island by himself.  He wants Chelsia back.  Everyone believes that it’s James’ time to go. 

Sheila gives Josh a pep talk.  They all seem to want Josh to stay.  They say that he has a great chance to win.  James hears this from the other room and is upset about it.  He makes everyone feel awkward.  James is playing the wounded puppy role here and it’s a bit annoying.  Sheila tries to play it off like she just considers James a big threat.  James is clearly emotionally hurt by this whole thing.  Later, Sheila apologizes to James, but he won’t listen to any of it.  He whips out the island line again. Tensions have risen inside the Big Brother house.

James hears that Sheila is talking more smack outside.  He goes outside to argue with her.  The two of them go at it.  James is screaming at her, swearing, and on the verge of tears, all while wearing black tightie-whities.  He sounds like a devastated teenage girl.  That was crazy.

I’d take James’ complaints and whining a lot more seriously if he would put some pants on.  I don’t understand James.  He’s upset that he has “no on to play with” now that Chelsia’s gone.  He’s emotional, he’s frustrated, he hates Sheila.  Meanwhile, Adam reads the Bible silently on his bed.  Adam then comes next door and joins the conversation and basically says that this sucks for you James, but what can you do? 

James can’t sleep, he still has no pants on, and he talks to Josh in the kitchen.  Josh basically says that Sheila can’t be trusted.  James then cries in front of Josh, and again talks about how he has no one and how Sheila’s harsh words really hurt him.  He cries some more in the Diary Room.  The Big Brother house makes you go nuts, man.  James is mentally fried right now.  He says it’s the first time he’s cried since his dad died. 

PoV competition time, y’all.  Natalie, James, Joshuah, Ryan (Nat’s choice), Sheila, and Sharon.  Adam, as the only one not playing, will host. 

The players go outside and there are a bunch of random object.  Next to each object, is a smaller replica of the same object.  “Big Brother Boardwalk” is the name of the comp.  Each question will ask the certain amount of something regarding one of the objects.   On each question, you can stay or fold.  If you stay and are closest, you get a point.  If you stay and are furthest away from the actual number, you are eliminated.  First person to three points wins PoV.

Question #1 – How many letter blocks in a case?

Natalie wins the point.  Sharon and Josh are eliminated (they guessed the same number) – sucks for Josh. 

Question #2 – How many veto pins in a large veto symbol? 

Ryan wins a point, Natalie has been eliminated.  James has folded both times.  Smart play. 

Question #3 – How many pounds of lard in a bath tub?

Sheila wins a point, because Ryan and James folded. 

Question #4 – How many rubber balls in a gum ball machine?

James wins a point, because everyone else folded.  Ryan, had he stayed, would’ve knocked James out.

Question #5 –  How many individual links in a bundle of chains?

James wins another point, because both the others folded again.  Same thing again – Ry would’ve won if he stayed.

Question #6 – How many pounds of popcorn in two big containers?

James wins the point and the Power of Veto competition.  He celebrates wildly while everyone else is shell-shocked.  James is a warrior.

James celebrates with a singular dance party.  He’s reveling in his third veto victory in a row.  Josh, meanwhile, has turned into a teary mess.  He cries alone in his room after the competition.  He knows James will take himself off, and Natalie will out up Sharon, and Josh will then be evicted.  Sharon tries to comfort Josh.  He’s upset.  Sharon tries to talk with Nat, but to no avail – she straight up tells Sharon that she’s going back up on the block.  Sharon then cries alone. 

Ryan goes up and talks to Natalie in the HoH room.  They’re very upset that James won.  Josh makes it clear that he’s not going to campaign against Sharon.  This makes Josh, Sheila and Sharon cry in the kitchen together.  So much emotion tonight.  Crazy. 

Josh then, decides something.  Why should Sharon stay and he go?  Josh goes up to Nat’s HoH room and strikes a deal – if he can get two votes at the eviction ceremony, Nat will break the tie and send Sharon home.  Both James and Ryan are immediately in.  They’re all, supposedly, going to keep this a secret form everyone else.  Sheila and Adam and Sharon will not be told about this.  Ha, gotta love Josh.  He guarantees two weeks of safety.

The PoV ceremony goes exactly as planned.  James takes himself off and Natalie puts up Sharon in his stead.  Wednesday’s show should be a lot of fun.  We’ll see if James can pull it off.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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