Either Joshuah or Sharon will be evicted on Big Brother 9 and sure as hell hope that it’s Sharon.  Nothing against her, but Josh is the lifeblood of Big Brother this season.  Without him, the game will quickly become boring.  Unfortunately, my hunch is that Josh will go home during tonight’s Big Brother live eviction.  Regardless, at least tonight James will be wearing pants.  And, he probably won’t be crying.  So we got that going for us.  I’ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the action unfolds.  Someone’s getting evicted and we’ll (probably) have a new Head of Household by the end of the night.

Big Brother 9: Week 8 Live Eviction Results

Previously on Big Brother: James yells at Sheila.  James wins the Veto.  Sharon is nominated with Josh. 

How terrible was Ryan at that PoV competition?  Just an embarrassing performance.

Hi, Julie Chen!  She has the weirdest voice inflections when she speaks.  Can’t stand her when I choose not to ignore her.  Make sense?

Josh is feeling good about his chances to stick around.  The deal he made with Natalie starts falling apart when Nat says that she doesn’t want to break the tie.

Josh is awesome.  In a plan to try and win Adam’s vote by looking pathetic and worthless, he cries on cue as Adam walks into the kitchen.  Adam totally buys it and says that he could vote for Josh to stay. 

Natalie, smartly, doesn’t think Josh will keep his word.  Then, Natalie, the freaking blabbermouth, tells Sharon about Josh’s plans.  I hate Natalie sometimes.  Most of the time.  So, then Sharon brings Sheila in and the three ladies discuss this whole thing.  Sharon’s not going to start drama.  Natalie is an idiot. 

Sharon tries to scare Natalie and Ryan into getting on her side. 

In the end, it looks like Josh is gone.  Ryan and Adam agree with Natalie.

Julie talks to the house guests.  Nothing much of worth there.

Next, we watch a montage of Josh’s parents watching the show.  His mom talks about how embarrassing his outbursts are.  But, his mom and dad are very supportive. 

Julie talks to Natalie alone in the HoH room.  They talk about Natalie looking at Matt’s picture.  She says that Ryan is her closest ally now.  Next, a talk with the nominees.  They plead their cases.  Since when has anyone ever changed someone’s mind with their last-second plea?

Live vote time.  Possible upset?

Sheila votes to evict Josh.

Ryan votes to evict Josh.  Uh-oh.  Spells doom for Josh.

Adam votes to evict Josh.  It’s official, Josh has been evicted.  James votes to evict Sharon.  Way to stick to your guns, James. 

Upon being evicted, Josh gives a weird little motivational speech.  Sharon cries her eyes out.  Josh shuns a hug attempt from Natalie, which is pretty funny. 

Josh’s talk with Julie is pretty run-of-the-mill. He’s a good dude.

Time for the Head of Household.  “More or Less” is the competition.  Players answer questions about the quantity of things inside the house.

Adam, on the last question, breaks a three-way tie with James and Sharon to win the Head of Household competition.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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