It’s incredible how little insight Julie Chen gets out of the live interviews she conducts every Wednesday night.  I mean, literally, I learn nothing of worth during the ten to fifteen minutes of interviews.  I’m beginning to think that Big Brother is having difficulty filling an entire hour of air time every eviction episode. Huh.  Tonight’s Big Brother live eviction was run-of-the-mill.  A lot of attempted misdirection ending with the eviction we all expected.  The Head of Household competition was a nail-biter (as far as these live competitions go), though ultimately, it was disappointing.  On a high note, we got to watch Joshuah’s mom as she viewed her son’s various tirades.  She wasn’t entirely pleased.

Big Brother 9: Week 8 Eviction Recap

Much Ado About Nothing

It turns out that the deal Josh struck with Natalie at the end of Tuesday’s episode didn’t last very long.  Natalie didn’t want to have to break a tie during the live vote.  I don’t blame her.  That was the first chink in Josh’s plan.  Then, Natalie told Sharon about Josh’s secret campaigning.  Then they brought Sheila in, and then Sharon talked to Ryan.  And, really, that was that.  Josh had no chance after the cat got out of the bag. 

Win One For the Gipper

Josh gets evicted by a vote of 3-1 (James giving the sole evict Sharon vote). Unlike some people (Chelsia), Joshuah left admirably.  He gave a semi-corny goodbye speech where he told the house to stay true to themselves and their convictions.  He left, and in the exit interview with Julie, acquitted himself quite well.  He admitted that he does get angry and lose his temper and he can’t do anything about it.  He’s happy to go somewhere sunny, like the jury house.

A Disappointing Head of Household

The only intriguing outcomes possible for the HoH competition were either a Sharon win or a James win.  James almost came through, but at the end of the questions, Adam became the new Head of Household.

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