As with every Tuesday episode of Big Brother 9, tonight’s episode was mostly a bore-fest. James and Chelsia reacted unfavorably to being nominated, vowing vengeance against Adam. The rest of this episode followed various alliances and contingency plans in case James, the true target, was able to wriggle himself free from being nominated.

Big Brother 9: Week 7 Power of Veto, Recap

PoV Competition

Big Brother 8‘s Dick Donato shows up to wake up the HGs by banging together pots and pans. He invites them outside for the PoV competition, a copy of one last season where they must drink 10 disgusting shots in 3 minutes, getting one croquet shot per beverage.

James is the only one that’s man enough to drink all the shots, and therefore, he wins the veto. Somehow, bringing back Dick resulted in a relatively boring competition.

Joshuah + Ryan = Forever

With James taking himself off the block, Joshuah and Sharon realize one of them is guaranteed to go up. First, Joshuah goes to Ryan, his secret alliance partner, to get him to convince Adam to put up Sharon. To bolster his odds, Joshuah convinces Sharon to offer herself up as a nominee because she is less likely to be evicted against Chelsia than Joshuah. She somehow agrees to this, because Sharon is even more whipped than Natalie was with Matt, and Joshuah is gay!

Natalie grows suspicious after this occurs and tells Adam to backdoor Joshuah. When they talk to Ryan about it, Ryan proves he really is loyal to Joshuah, because he struggles and dances all around the issue, trying to say that’s a bad idea without giving up the fact that he’s working with Joshuah.

In the end, this works out, and after James takes himself off, Sharon is put up in his place.

Tune in tomorrow on Big Brother 9 when Chelsia gets evicted. Oops, spoiler alert.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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