Big Brother 9 will find tow new nominees tonight, put up by new Head of Household Adam.  If you’ve been watching the NCAA Tournament (if you haven’t – what’s wrong with you?) this weekend, then you’ve seen the Big Brother promo CBS has been airing.  It’s all about Natalie and, now that Matt is gone, how she has reacted.  It looks like Nat’s something of a mess, and then Adam makes fun of her.  End of promo.  It’s only notable because CBS is blatantly making fun of Natalie.  I’m OK with that.

Speaking of the tournament, it looks like Big Brother is going to be delayed about an hour tonight on the east coast, thanks to the Memphis-Mississippi State game.  The live thoughts will begin once the episode starts. 

I just listened to Andy Rooney and his eyelashes ramble on about doctors and skiing and tying shoes for five minutes.  He’s completely insane now, right?

Previously on Big Brother…seriously, in the recap, we go back to the disco ball HoH competition.  That was almost two weeks ago?  We mostly witness Matt’s downfall.  Which makes me smile.

Natalie cries about Matt.  You know why.  We’re still in blue-screen mode.  Natalie was super pathetic as Matt walked out of the Big Brother house.  Over/Under of Natalie crying scenes tonight?  6.5?  7.5?

Joshuah believes he and Ryan are going to stick together and keep a pretty good alliance. 

Adam doesn’t want the responsibility of HoH.  He’s a little bummed. 

Natalie uses the phrase “more happier.”  Finally out of blue screen mode now.  Natalie is, like, totally psyched that Adam won HoH.  Sheila is too – she even gives the man a kiss on the cheek.  Adam makes it clear that he didn’t want to win HoH.  He doesn’t want all the ass-kissing and all the attention. 

Natalie Crying Scene #3.  Josh takes pleasure in her tears.  Natalie is STILL IN DENIAL.  She says that, when Matt left the house and pushed her away when she tried to kiss him, Matt was just taking the separation from Nat really hard.  No, Natalie!  He didn’t like you. 

“I am done.  D-U-N with these people!” says Natalie.  Seriously.  No joke.  That’s exactly what she said.  I’m not making this up.  Seriously. 

Sharon uses an annoying voice to talk to the gerbils.  Josh is not amused.  He fakes shoots himself in the face.  Sharon does this on multiple occasions, and it gets more annoying every time.  Adam ivery much annoyed.  She nicknames them “fur-riends.”  Vomit. 

We see Adam’s HoH room.  Adam is the person I’d most like to have a beer with from this season.  His mom has sent Adam baby food.  Apparently, because he still eats baby food.  Natalie likes baby food too.  This is news to me, that anyone that’s not a baby still eats baby food.

Josh tells Sheila that people want her on the block, that Adam wants to put her up, only because he wants to see Sheila freak out.  It has no basis in fact.  Josh is so evil – I love it.  Josh then strikes something of a deal with Adam.  Adam then quasi-continues the ruse with Sheila, and she squirms on cue.  Ha.  It’s unclear how serious Adam is being, I think he’s just having fun. 

Luxury competition time.  Everyone competes for the honor of getting to watch the new film “21,” the new KevinSpacey/Kate Bosworth/Jim Sturgess movie about MIT students who count cards while playing blackjack in Las Vegas. 

They all go to the backyard, and three blackjack tables are set up.  Cars are show with a house guest’s face on them and a number.  Players ring in when three cars add up to 21.  Once they buzz, they have to correctly name the three cards that add to 21.  This is a ridiculous cross-promotion.  Whoever wins gets to watch the movie with three other house guests of their choice.

Ryan wins.  He chooses Adam, Natalie and James.  Sheila’s upset that Ryan doesn’t pick her. 

But, it’s not over.  Ryan is given the opportunity to win a prize package – he can win a chance to head to Vegas, stay at the Planet Hollywood, see a show and receive $5,000 in chips.  To win, he’ll get dealt one hand of blackjack.  If he loses that hand, the other four house guests get to see the movie instead.  Commercial before he decides.

Ryan decides to risk the screening and play the hand of blackjack.  Ryan’s dealt two nines, dealer showing a three.  Ryan stays on 18.  Adam unveils a 10, for 13.  Dealer hits, and gets a 6, making 19. Ryan loses. 

Josh, Sharon, Chelsia and Sheila receive the screening of 21. 

Natalie Crying Scene #4.  She cries while reading the Bible.  She has an epiphany. There are 8 pink curtains.  There are sets of 8 everywhere in the house.  Natalie is crazy.  She searches for one more group of 8 things.  She’s found seven so far.  She studies the mounted deer head.  I’m confused. 

Dinner table has shrunk. Everyone reflects.  Natalie figures “it” out.  There are eight chairs!  Eight Cups!  Eight everything.  She thinks it means that Evel Dick will return to the house this week, because his name has eight letters.  The weird thing is, he is returning on Tuesday.  Maybe Natalie is a mad genius. 

Oh, maybe Adam is serious about nominating Sheila, or at least he says so.  This is a red herring. 

At the nomination ceremony, Adam does the smart thing and nominates James and Chelsia.

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