On Big Brother 9, Adam is the current HoH and he nominated James and Chelsia.  I’ll be here throughout the episode updating with live commentary. Tonight’s Big Brother also brings the return of Dick Donato.  He calls himself Evel Dick, but as is the case with Crazy James, you can’t give yourself a nickname!. If you could, I’d want to be called the Hammer, or maybe Pliers (bonus points to the first person to leave a comment identifying that reference).

Warning: I was one of those anti-Dick people from last season, not because he’s a total misogynist, but because he refused to admit that his victory had absolutely nothing to do with the way he played the game and everything to do with the producers’ interference and America’s Player voting.

Another warning: if you accidentally tune in a few minutes early to Big Brother, you’ll wind up watching NCIS.  However, if you leave the TV on afterwards, you will be blessed with the series finale of Jericho.

Time for the “previously on” package,  Thankfully, we only go back to Matt’s eviction, though we do get to hear “I am done with these people.  D-U-N, done” again.

James is angry and gunning for Adam.  Why are these people so short-sighted to always go after the current HoH?  Joshuah crows that he’s the only HG in the house never to be on the block.  Wow, I didn’t realize that, but good for him.

James is actually living up to his stupid nickname, because he is going bonkers in the house.  Sheila is disgusted by how childish they’re acting.  I love her.

James and Chelsia pow-wow and he begs her to throw the PoV competition because he’s already been evicted once.

Sheila wants to discuss what to do if James wins PoV, and Natalie doesn’t want to talk about it, because she practices The Secret and thinks it will happen if they assume it might.

It’s cross-promotion time in the Big Brother house.  Sheila, Sharon, Joshuah and Chelsia get to watch 21Bringing Down the House is a great book, but I generally dislike Kevin Spacey as an actor.  First, Chelsia wins Ryan’s lost trip to Las Vegas.

Sheila is stoked because outside of the house, her life is watching movies.  Then we get about 10 minutes of just the HGs watching scenes from the movie.  They all pretend it’s the best movie ever.

Random thought: In a movie about his life, Adam would be played by Jon Favreau.

The additional PoV competitors are Joshuah, Sheila and Sharon.

Adam and Ryan sulk, which is stupid.  Sharon and Joshuah won’t take anyone off, knowing they’d be nominated.

At night, while the HGs sleep, Dick enters the house with dumb rock music playing in the background.  He grabs some pots and pans.

He starts banging them together like a petulatn two-year-old.  The HGs are mostly excited, but Sheila hated him, only now she likes him knowing what it’s like to be in the house.

Dick leads them outside to the PoV competition.  Dick has a bunch of glasses full of disgusting shots to win croquet balls, a complete mimic of the competition from last season that Dick won.  If anyone can beat Dick’s record score of 33, they win a guitar.

First, is it still considered a record if it was only played once?  Second, we get to see Dick calling Dustin a “princess” again.  Yay, homophobia!

Joshuah thinks he’s the gay version of Dick.  There’s a very, very dirty joke in there somewhere.  Adam chokes on the Lettuce, Sausage and Root Beer.   James, as we already knew, isn’t averse to putting anything in his mouth, so he finishes all 10.

Joshuah, Sharon and Chelsia are first to go with 5, 6 and 6 shots respectively.  Sheila has 7 shots and scores an impressive 23 points.  Adam is next with 8 shots and makes 28 points.

James gets up to take all 10 shots.  Chelsia is rooting against him, knowing if the nominations stay, he’s going home.  But James takes the Veto on shot 9, but fails to beat Dick’s “record,” so he leaves with the guitar.

James tries his best to cheer up Chelsia, and he even says “I love you.”  Then Joshuah scurries to find a way to get Sharon put up as the replacement nominee over him.  He enlists his secret alliance partner Ryan’s help.  Wait, is this a real alliance?  I’ve been operating under the assumption Ryan was playing him.

Also, Joshuah uses Sharon’s love for him to convince her to step up as the replacement nominee because she’s less of a threat to go home than he is.  Ha, Joshuah really is playing a great game, because he’s a gay man who just convinced a woman to sacrifice herself for him.

Sharon literally goes to Adam and tells him to put her up.  No, seriously, she literally did that.

Natalie doesn’t like this, so she plots with Adam to backdoor and get Joshuah out.  They tell Ryan, who is like, “Uh….no…because…um…Chelsia should go.”  Wow, he is really in a secret alliance with Joshuah!

PoV Ceremony!  Stupid speeches, blah blah blah, James takes himself off.  He gives a stupid speech about using it because he wants vengeance.  Um, how about: he’s using it because he wants to stay in the game and he’s not as dumb as Marcellas.

Adam puts up…Sharon.  Aww, goodbye Chelsia.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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