Big Brother 9 is about to get crazy.  I think.  Tomorrow night, Big Brother and CBS are promising that some big twists will present themselves tomorrow.  It’s no secret that the evicted house guests have not been available for interviews and have been locked in sequester since the left the house.  What is a secret is how one, some or all of them will be re-introduced to the game.  My hunch is that two of the evicted contestants will be brought back into the house by a vote, at which point the game will become an individual one. 

Aww, Poor Allison

Allison spends much of the episode doing the whole “woe is me” routine. It’s hard to blame her, though.  She has taken a lot of uncalled for flak from Joshuah and I know I’d be reeling too if I were her.  But, that’s how it works in the Big Brother house sometimes.  Like with Dick Donato last season, the house guests will rally around a dominant personality even if their behavior is inappropriate.  Allison tried to make up with Josh, but he had none of it.

Natalie Plays Cupid

The veto competition was a cupid theme.  Matt/Natalie, Ryan/Allison, Josh/Sharon and Adam/Sheila.  The women were strapped into a harness that was connected to their male partner by a pulley system.  The object of the competition was to complete a puzzle that was about 20 feet in the air.  The men have to collect pieces of the puzzle and hand them to their partners.  When the men race to the end of a runway, it pulls the ladies into the air so they can do the puzzle.  Matt and Natalie won, but Allison and Ryan were close behind.

What a Playa

Matt decided that, in the wake of his victory on the PoV competition, that he would get on everyone’s good side.  He tried to appeal to Josh’s gay side, whatever that means.  He became a shoulder for Allison to cry on.  This seemed to work.  Then, with Sharon, he tried to charm her.  It seemed to work.  He put the moves on and then made out with her.  In Diary Room sessions, we learn that both Sharon and Matt think they are playing the other.  Which means, I guess, that no one is playing anyone.

The Alarm

All the house guests were brought into the living room and told that, sometime in the next few days, a loud alarm would sound.  When it goes off, the house guests will have to immediately report to the living room – something unexpected is going to happen.  This will probably involve the return of some house guests.  We’ll find out tomorrow.

At the veto ceremony, Matt and Natalie take themselves off the block.  Josh and Sharon put Sheila and Adam up instead.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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