Tonight was a “very special” episode of Big Brother 9.  Reality hit the Big Brother house and, possibly, forced a few of the housemates to gain some perspective on their current situation.  At least for the time being.  I don’t know how to feel about what happened on Big Brother tonight.  On one hand, it’s nice seeing people band together in a time of trouble despite their differences.  On the other hand, just because someone has a medical emergency, it doesn’t make them a quality human being.  It rings false when you start treating a person better only because they just got back from the hospital.  You aren’t required to like someone.

Big Brother 9: Week 3 Veto Competition Recap

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Tonight was all about the Veto Competition, and the two nominated couples (Matt/Natalie and Alex/Amanda) competed against the HoH’s (James/Chelsia) and Joshuah and Sharon.  The whole competition was a promotional tool for Jericho and, since I don’t support such blatant cross-promotion, I will be brief.  Each team had to connect a series of wires to a “power source.”  The first to get the wires properly connected won the Power of Veto.  This was a huge competition for both of the nominated teams (Alex and Matt had teamed up against James early in the episode), but Josh and Sharon ended up winning.  They opted not to use the veto at the PoV ceremony.

Girl, You Crazy

Sheila, as it turns out, is not completely stable.  You might call her a little bonkers.  Do you remember when Sheila and Allison were really good friends?  Not anymore.  Ever since Allison has been removed from the proverbial block, she hasn’t been spending as much time with Sheila.  She’s actually been happy, hanging out with the other house guests and having a good time.  Sheila, who continues to sulk and feel sorry for herself while on the couch or in bed, is offended by this and thinks Allison has double-crossed her (or something…she mostly appears to be jealous that she actually gets along with the other house guests).  So, Sheila starts talking mad smack behind Allison’s back (no one buys it) and finally forces Allison to confront Sheila.  Sheila is non-nonsensical and irrational, and everyone kind of senses that she’s a little bit crazy.

Cue the Piano Music

In one of the nuttiest sequence of events in Big Brother history, Allison and Amanda both are hit with serious medical maladies at almost the exact same time and are both rushed to the hospital.  First, Allison runs into the Diary Room complaining about having an allergic reaction to something – her through, tongue, face, everything starts swelling up.  While a nurse starts treating Allison in the Diary Room, Amanda (a hypoglycemic) faints right outside of the kitchen.  Moments later, she starts having seizures.  James helps her out as the paramedics and ambulances show up and take her away in a gurney.  Once the two are gone, there is a lot of uncertainty, reflection, and tinkly piano music.  Both women return later that night, both OK, and everyone is happy about it.

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