Big Brother 9 has been insane.  Already, there have been hook-ups, abundant nudity, charges of racism, secrets and lies and more secrets, fake lesbians, a surprise exit from the house, intense fights with extensive use of the c-word and, as viewers will see tonight, two separate emergency hospital visits.  I guess you can’t ask for much more entertainment from the Big Brother house guests, though it makes you wonder where they can go from here.  Actually, hold that – maybe I’d rather not think about how the house guests will top their already outlandish shenanigans.  I’ll be here throughout tonight’s episode, giving live updates as the hour goes along.

Tonight: POV competition, Allison and Sheila fight, POV ceremony, Amanda faints, Allison goes to the hospital.  Action-packed, especially for Big Brother, where usually nothing happens.

Amanda thinks she’s on the block because people consider her a great player.  Ummmm…..nope.

Matt is angry with James after the noms.  For good reason.

Alex is in constant sulk-mode right now.  He doesn’t want to talk to Amanda at all. 

Allison is happy-go-lucky the second she’s not on the block.  Sheila somehow takes offense to that, thinking that Allison played her since she’s not always hanging out with her right now. 

Matt and Alex team up and try to confront James.  James says that it’s just a game.  He’s right.

Sheila confronts Allison about her ignoring Sheila after she got off the block.  Sheila is acting like a 8th grade girl.

Veto comp players are chosen: It’s Chelsia/James, Matt/Natalie, Alex/Amanda and Joshuah/Sharon.  Adam is the host. 

Before the comp, Alex and Matt talk about how they want screw up James and Chelsia’s plan.

And the veto competition is A CROSS PROMOTIONAL TOOL FOR CBS!  How shameless. 

It involves Jericho and that’s all I’ll say.  This sort of thing actually does bother me.   I’ll tell you who wins.

Josh and Sharon win!  Bad news for Alex, Amanda, Matt and Natalie.

Sheila is still bitter about Allison not hanging out with her.  Wow, sour grapes.  She talks to Natalie and complains about Allison some more.  This just cements Sheila as a crazy person, annoying and painful to watch. 

This is all about Sheila jealous of Allison hanging out with other people. 

Everyone agrees that Sheila is a mess. 

Allison goes down to try and talk Sheila.  Sheila accuses Allison of all sorts of nonsense.  Eventually, Ryan goes in and joins the argument and calls Sheila out: What has Allison done to her?  Sheila has no answer.  Sheila’s like a an old, crazy cat woman. 

Sheila pouts in bed alone.  Allison runs laps in the backyard and talks to Sharon.  Out of nowhere, Allison starts breathing hard and walks to the Diary Room – she’s having an allergic reaction and everything is swelling up in her mouth.  A nurse talks to Allison in the Diary Room.

Later, Amanda passes out after complaining about not getting enough sugar.  Amanda starts having seizures after awhile.  Meanwhile, Allison is in the Diary Room all swollen up.  A nurse comes into the BB house and helps Amanda.  Amanda wakes up and is taken away by a bunch of paramedics. 

Well, that was intense.  Maybe slop isn’t all that good for you.

It’s the slow piano music from CBS, so we know it’s time for reflection.  Everyone feels bad about being mean to Amanda.  Sheila feels terrible for being mean to Allison.

Later that night, Amanda comes back to the house.  Everyone is happy to see her OK.  Hugs all around. 

Soon after, Allison returns.  She’s OK, and she has no more swelling.  Amanda and Allison talk about getting some perspective.  They don’t want to be mean to each other any more.  Sheila cries in the Diary Room.

At the Veto Ceremony, Josh and Sharon opt not to sue the Power of Veto.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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