CBS has officially unveiled the cast for Big Brother 9.  It’s always weird seeing these faces for the first time.  Your initial reactions are always completely off.  But, for the next week, these pictures and brief character descriptions are all we really have to go off of.  I’m sure we’ll learn more personal details about the house guests over the next few days.  Last year, it took a day or two for the realization that Dick and Daniele Donato were father and daughter – CBS neglects to release last names, initially at least.  This cast looks promising, but again, who the hell knows at this point?  The success of any given Big Brother season is almost totally dependent on the quality of its cast.  Not just the collection of characters, but the overall stew.  The mixture has to be just right.  Last season, I thought they got it perfect.  There are nine men and seven women this season, though this is partially off-set by the fact that there are also two gay guys.  Below you will find the names, hometowns and pictures of each of the Big Brother 9 house guests.

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Jen, 26, bartender from Columbus, Ohio.  Apparently is a party girl – may be a good reason to watch Big Brother: After Dark.

Parker, 26, paparazzo from Northridge, California.  Parker works for 

Amanda, 23, paralegal from Fridley, Minnesota.

Ryan, 27, college student from Columbus, Ohio.

Sheila, 45, former model from Reseda, California. Former Penthouse Playmate of the Year.  Sweet.

Alex, 24, DJ company owner from Staten Island, New York.

Allison, 28, pharmaceutical sales representative from Boston, Massachusetts.

Adam, 29, public relations manager from Del Ray Beach, Florida.

Chelsia, 21, college student from Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Jacob, 23, electrician from Dallas, Georgia.  With that large cross around his neck, let’s assume he’s religious.

Natalie, 28, bikini barista from Salem, Oregon.

James, 21, originally from Sarasota, Florida, currently biking around the world.  Despite the picture, is supposedly a straight man. 

Sharon, 23, realtor from Olathe, Kansas.  Big Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Joshuah, 25, advertising media buyer from Dallas, Texas.  Calls himself bisexual, which means he’s gay. 

Matt, 23, roofing foreman from Charleston, Massachusetts.

Neil, 29, realtor from Los Angeles, California.  May be friends with Perez Hilton.  Almost certainly gay. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source and Images Courtesy of RealityBBQ, CBS

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV